Getting Old but Not Growing Up

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Getting old is inevitable, face it. You might thought of this article as a height protest or a cry of physical-impaired being but please, don’t this one literally. You’re reading this and you’re fond of metaphor that is why I heart you so much. So I assume you won’t take me ‘hearting’ you literally. Just ugh.

(I love my readers; I’d write every day for them, now take that literally)

I’m getting old and I don’t say, every one of us gets old. As soon as you finished reading this sentence, you just got old by 1 second or maybe more if you’re a slow reader. But did you feel that 1 second of oldness.

Nope. Hell, even a year that passed will never be felt by your own body. To think of it, a short while or date is never a measure of getting old; responsibility is.

Remember the time you went into a night club, got your driver license, received a huge amount of money or left alone in your house by your parents? Yes, that’s you growing up. That’s you taking responsibility. That’s you learning and having a discipline for yourself and yeah, I hope it sounds awesome like it is, but it isn’t. You know why, college graduates.

Getting old is inevitable but growing up is a choice. Having responsibility is also unavoidable but taking it is a greater decision. It’s just sad how people avoid growing up. They choose to be old but immature or maybe just way too lazy to take responsibilities. Postpone the inevitable? It’s a poor choice. It will happen and running away is only your second option.

I know there are people who wish time would stop where they are now. I know some also wish that time would move so fast so they can escape where they are now, maybe put them in a better place. Everyone’s dreaming and going for the choice as the inevitable comes closer and closer.

All we can do is run away or embrace it.

I don’t like getting old for now. I’m in my prime state (I guess) and now I know clearly what my responsibilities are. I chose it actually and for now, I’ve been given more than enough for me to carry. It’s always down to me to choose and to decline.

We’re dying, that’s inevitable. Time counts more than gold. For those who are getting old, please try growing up. It’s a great favor for everyone.

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