Lifehacks101: A Lifetime Advice

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If you bump into this article somehow, please read this and spare a little time. What you’re about to read is a lifetime advice.

We don’t want regrets. Anyone doesn’t want that, so how to avoid them? Easy; just plan your way from the start.

Okay, okay, the thing is, we’re not that ‘aware’ from the start, so let’s start to the time when we have that little piece of consciousness on our mind.

Note: if you already skipped the mentioned timeline, read it anyways.

1. High School

It’s the time of our times, but I’m not going to ponder the memories and experiences of this time. I’m going to tell you what high school is really about.

Firstly, what makes it so significant?

Being a teenager is also about being an amateur adventurer. You’re going to discover lot of things, maybe one-fourth of your life and those things will change your whole personality. What to plan then? Here are some questions to plot out your plans:

-In what subject I must excel?

Of course, you must excel in them all. But a time will come where a subject will be the most noticeable and likable of all. Find that subject and use your passion to explore more about it.

-Should I join extracurricular activities?

Yes, yes and yes. Try them all, if you can handle all of them. There are so many things to discover in extracurricular groups. You’ll never know if you’re a good actor/actress, a basketball player or a writer. Don’t waste those opportunities.

-Should I have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

Try to contain yourself as long as possible. If you can’t, just don’t be in a very serious relationship. It’ll be a huge distraction or worse. Choose wisely.

-Who must I befriend?

Choose wisely. Befriend people who’ll help you excel in many ways. Always avoid bad influences (you know what’s bad or not).

-After all of those, what now?

So at the near end, you must have listed this:

1. Subject(s) that you like.

2. Talents/skills that you excel.

3. Friends/Relationships that’ll help you.

4. Your course in college.

If all those things are clear, your course in college will not be a problem to you.

2. College

It’s the time of our nigh; everything will be larger, more serious and harder than the last time. You’ve chosen the perfect course you want (with no second choices and doubts) and you’ve been prepared last time. You already got plans, so I’m just going to list some reminders again.

a. Try to be a regular student as possible.

b. Join extracurricular groups like high school.

c. Avoid temptations, distractions and procrastination.

Time flies and you’ll never notice that you’ll be already a graduating student. Recounting all the things you’ve done, there must be no regrets (maybe, some changes in plans) and everything’s going in a straight line. What’s next?

3. The Job

Every preparation has been made for this. If you’ve followed what you want from the start and never changed plans in the middle, this part will be the easiest and most enjoyable of all. One thing only; always choose passion over money. Passion will overcome all but if you chose money; I hope regret will not come knocking at your door and haunting you.

Plan, plan, and plan; it’s all about setting a goal while not losing the sight of what’s important. Be prepared and look beyond time; there’ll be surprises along the way but as long as you’ll stick to your way, everything will be fine.

And best of luck to you. Take my advice; it’s not already the end.

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