Downside of a Screenwriter

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I’ve watched many movies and saw many stories. I’ve counted all the great ones, the bad and the fair ones and I appreciated all of them. I respect one’s work and I know a project that big wouldn’t be done by a single person only.

After the credits roll, remarkable moments will be left into our minds. The actors’ faces, the awesome choreographed scenes, the magnificent computer-generated effects and of course, the director’s hardships and efforts for the whole project to be done. What’s wrong then? We always forget the writer.

Most of us just watch movies for entertainment, a few maybe watch it for critic, research or something else. The fewest number of people are the only concerned to know who made the project to its very roots. Is the writer praised every time a fantastic dialogue has been delivered on-screen? No, it’s the actor always. Is the writer recognized every time the movie ends in a very satisfactory way? No, it’s the director always. You see, in the big screen, it’s the writer’s fate to meet the most unrecognizable role of all.

It’s my viewpoint as an audience, really. Personally, I never really cared who wrote the screenplay of a movie. Even those random names at the credits (unless they’re well-known), I just look at them with thought if they’re just names on this screen I’m watching.

Sadly, it’s the downside of being a screenwriter; your name to only exist in the screen itself.

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