Brittle Little Lady

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Oh brittle, little minx

Life preferred you as a jinx

Luck and beauty don't compelement

But love and caring is all you meant

Fragile is your petite beauty

Strike those who you smiled dearly

Clearly, you're just a pure, of sack of meat

And bones but with a kind, blissful treat

Why these men only used your kindness?

Merry those who abuse your loneliness

Oh brittle little lady, why your heart is so traitorous?

Never thought your feelings will be impetous

The heart may betray you

The body might even break you

But your soul will reside, in that fragile shell

And those who will see it, they will be more than swell

Happy those who will appreciate

Happier is you who will be appreciated

That brittle, little heart of yours

Bright, kindred spirit that pours

Honest life might treat you poorly

But someone will take care of you dearly

Someone, somewhere, somehow

Just be faithful and steady anyhow

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