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Life Rules Maybe

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1.       Live that life.

2.       Waste your time.

3.       On the important things

4.       Live like you’re dying.

5.       Don’t look back.

6.       Never stop walking.

7.       Always think with a purpose.

8.       Don’t state or look for the obvious.

9.       Never cry in vain nor complain.

10.   If you will, be reasonable.

11.   Forcing things will make it harder.

12.   Going slowly will make it smoother.

13.   If it doesn’t concern you fudge off.

14.   Prioritize the proper things.

15.   Organize, regroup and ordinate.

16.   Do it now, even if you can later.

17.   Love yourself before others.

18.   Don’t measure/ complain.

19.   Look at the light, the brighter side.

20.   Doubts will eat you alive. Don’t cook them.

21.   Find your edge and enjoy it.

22.   Never let your blade dull.

23.   Your sword is the only thing you have.

24.   Bend but never break the rules.

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