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Haters, bashers, backstabbers, you’ve done nothing to them. You are faultless.

Look around you; who is your friend? Just make damn sure your answer is right.

This is not a talk of bitterness but rather a reminder for you. You are faultless, unless proven so.

For those who keep watching you avidly, the ones who follow your every move, judge your every actions and begin hysteria to themselves; they are sick with a disease called insecurity. They chatter like insects, spread gossips like an epidemic and act like saints of highly orders.

If they are a disease, they will be called an inferiority complex. For that, you are faultless.

For they can’t do anything. They scramble for the deeds of others and they have done nothing and nothing. For their hypocrisy, you are faultless.

Those people who wash themselves with the dirt of others, they’re all rotten. It’s pointless and therefore they are useless. For it, you’re faultless.

Look around you; what have you done them? If there’s nothing that comes across in your mind then you’re not to blame. You are and always will be faultless.

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