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Life Hacks 101: The Mind-set of the Excellent

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Ever wondered how the smartest person in your class became the ‘smartest’? How about the person you admire became a subject for admiration? Ever interested how the most successful thinks? Well, these three things will optimize you definitely and surely.

1. Excellence is giving your best.

Situation: Someone gives you a task.

-every time someone gives us work, we always tend to do what’s only told. We just always stick to what’s said, assuring to yourself that’s the best thing to do. But you know what’s really best? It’s all about giving something more.

Excellent Solution: Effort and creativity are the best things combined. The Excellent always try to find an alternate, creative way to do a task and at the same time, putting an extra effort to it. It’s all about doing it right and extraordinarily well.

2. Excellence is going beyond the standards.

Situation: You know now the requirements, what you should do?

-all the tasks always require instructions or any other descriptions to be finished. It’s always ruled, listed and meant to be followed.

The Excellent Solution‘Bend’ but don’t break the rules. Going beyond expectations isn’t about going over the line as long as you’re doing it right. Ever wondered how people stand out? It’s because they chose to be unique and to ‘bend’ the rules in the most creative but rightful way possible.

3. Excellence will be rewarded.

Situation: A successful person left you thinking why he’s successful.

-you always compare, thinking why the other is better than you and vice-versa, but have you ever thought of what are you’re doing in life?

The Excellent Solution: Don’t compare; it’s always what the society always say but the Excellent always compare. Comparison leads to challenge and challenge leads to competition. You must always have someone to look up to, someone to follow and respect. Once you’ve compared and known what’s lacking and there, you’ll know what’s needed to do how to follow and be that person. But of course, the Excellent aims more than following but also overtaking. Then you’ll never realize you’re getting rewarded.

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