In Tacking Love

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I saw people talked, ranted, cried in love. I watched them grew and died by it. Those simple moments and the extraordinary deeds they have done for it makes it exist in a profound way. People have never been tired in tackling love.

My professor said that love is everywhere. In any story that you will make, love just exist there in its simplest and sometimes the most subliminal way. Like gravity and its inevitability, love is in nature. It is a requirement of men, maybe life. It is a spark that will give and sadly, take life.

Modern writers do tackle it in a different way or so. Coelho's delivered in one of the most unique way but you can still feel its purity. Even the old writers, like Shakespeare isn't all about the flowers and the bright colors of it. Tackling love is tiring and it is exhausting itself but we can always find ways of expounding it. Remember we are made to understand with our mind and to accept with our heart. It is humanity's greatest power of all.

In tackling love, let there be no rules. Our point of views might be hindered by it but it is not an excuse to seek for its many forms. Overused it might be, love has many potentials a man could deliver and we are the only ones who can do that. Look for it and share it; many might not even discover what you did.  

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