Torn Apart Ethically

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They're the players of justice. They're the people who gambles moral in their job. They're the ones who are torn apart by their professions. They're the public relation officers.

I call them the "wanderers of right and wrong". They're the people who know everything about their own companies and also a tool used by them, a medium; a senseless medium.

Selling self-image has never been an easy job. You'll face everyone betting your pride and dignity for the publicizing of a thing. You'll be just a mere tool for selling, numb and insensible, thinking of nothing else.

Yet most of the time the wanderers sell the good parts, there's always a downside of it. What will you do if conscience and your job collide?

A tool mustn't have a feeling. A thing mustn't think of the right a wrong. You must only do your job and never think or feel anything else. But the thing is, we aren't things.

The human has been the most superior of all creatures because of their way of thinking. They have been given the power to create and destroy. We are given the power to distinguish the righteous and unrighteous. So how can we do our job without our mind and heart interfering?

The hardest part of life is to be torn apart and the time where you'll be walking in that void, a junction to the right and wrong. What will you do? How will you balance the crucial things that hold your own dear life?

They're torn apart ethically.

The wanderers will always walk in that space. Many will succumb, some will falter, and few will choose the correct path. Battling your conscience is the greatest and hardest battle of all, where you'll have to defeat the temptation of either financially-contented or a guilt-free life.

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