The Orbiting of the Mind

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It was my last chance. She was walking in front of me. She gave me the double head turn. She was alone. The path was clear. There were only us. It was a long walk. A really, long walk. She was fast at first, but then she slowed her pace. She's combing her hair she was only facing the front. She keeps going and I try to keep distance. My heart pounding fast and my hands are shaking steadily. My mind is orbiting. There's a force that's pulling me away, and an energy that's pushing me towards her. I was staring at her intently but she only moved to the side. She kept her slow pace and I noticed I was gaining. I slowed down. The walk became longer. I'm suffering now. I'm gazing at her back and counting her steps. A moment later, she'll turn to that corner and this'll stop.

She paused and turned around to face me.


I snapped to my senses. I'm still looking at her back as she turns to the corner.

I stopped walking. Damn.

It was my last chance, but maybe also the first. Next time I'll stop the mind to orbit and I swear I'll do better thinking.

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