Chapter 27

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Sky is really upset and I don't know what to do, honestly. I should talk to Alex first. Or should I go see Sky? I should go see Sky, right? Sky is the one who's upset right now.

Me: sky

Me: skylar

I hope she did not give her mom's phone back, that nerd.

Sky's mom: what?

Sky's mom: should I come over?

Sky's mom: you don't have to, I'll be fine I guess

Me: I'll take that as YES COOL OK

Me: give me like ten minutes

Me: bc #naked

Sky's mom: ew

Me: you like it

Sky's mom: god no

Me: satan yes

Sky's mom: shut up

It really only takes like five minutes to get to her house, but I'm lazy and it takes me five minutes to just put clothes on. It takes another two minutes to get out of the door, because I usually stop to eat. Sometimes Sky's mom makes really good food, so I pretend like I haven't eaten all day just so she'll feed me.

I step out the front door and lock it behind me.

Hayley: babeee miss you

Me: hi baby miss you too

Hayley: what are you up to?

Me: I'm going to Sky's

Hayley: why? Is her mom cooking again?

Me: god I hope so. No, she's a little shaken about the car crash and Alex

Me: alright love you too babe

Hayley: her and Alex are arguing again?

Me: when are they not?

Hayley: personally I think alex should date me

Me: once again


Me: I'll come over, ok?

Me: tell your mom to make extra food

Hayley: you're getting food at Sky's though

Me: I need more ok

Me: stop calling me fat

Me: you'll be the worst gf ever if you don't feed me

Me: just kidding ily babe

Hayley: I question our relationship everyday tbh

Hayley: I obviously belong with Alex

Me: whAT? No

Me: I obvi belong with Sky duh

Hayley: you do

Me: I didn't ask for you to agree with

Hayley: I'm agreeing anyways

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