Chapter 16

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I'm just an awful person. I miss him like crazy and it's been eleven days. I really wanted to text him. I'm so close to having a breakdown and I know I'm not going to last. I am going to text him now. Yes I am. I don't care if I'm going to look like a clingy idiot. It's going to be so embarrassing but I know it'll make me feel better afterward.

I just miss somebody to talk to who will make me smile until I fell asleep.

I'm sure I would like Nate if I wasn't comparing him to somebody else. I suck at this dating thing for real.

I dig my pocket and took out my phone start to search for his number. It took me a few minutes to type and re-typing a text for him. This is stupid I know but I really need to talk to him.

Me: Hey

Me: tbh I really miss you

Me: I'm sorry

Me: honestly this sucks. I feel like I've made a huge mistake for telling you that I needed space. I don't know why I said that. It's complicated because I really like you but I don't know, it's just so weird. I feel like it is impossible to like somebody when you don't know them.

Me: for real, you're so nice and sweet and funny and amazing and you're always there for me

Me: you never let me down

Me: I know I messed up with all of our issues and stuff like argument or anything else

Me: I'm really sorry

Me: I miss you a lot, I miss our friendship and having someone to talk to

Me: please forgive me

Me: answer me please

Me: this is getting clingy now


Me: ugh

Me: sorry

Me: bye



It's been two days and she hasn't respond any of those stupid cheezy texts I sent her. In the end I delete the whole conversation because I can't stand looking at my apology. I look like an idiot knowing that she might be reading it and ignore me. Fuck, I can't believe she's gone. She's really gone. No more Sky Rose. She moved on and I practically let her leave. I should've said something earlier now it's too late.

I guess her absence hurt less lately since Taylor has been hanging around 24/7. Her newest conversation is about college and prom. She's already looking at tuxes for prom and how she wants my bow-tie to match her dress. She always wanted to know what college I was going to and I said I didn't know yet since I left the band. The band. I haven't been around them lately since the scene with Kyle.

Besides, mom wants me to be a psychologist just like her. I'm probably gonna dismiss about Taylor's college request and said that I'd think about it. Honestly, I'm definitely not ready for college talk. I still have a good four months of high school left. That's enough time, I guess. I really need to get a tutor for AP Psych, seriously. If I fail this class my mom will kill me.

Me: hey Dan

Me: do you think Sky would be available to help me with psych?

Me: I'll pay her since she's good at it

Dan: dude, I gave you her number

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