Chapter 8

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# SOUNDTRACK: I swear this time I mean it-Mayday Parade


Kyle'daBae: morning babe

Kyle'daBae: wanna hangout today?

Me: Sure :)

Kyle'daBae: I was thinking if we could just watch a movie

Me: okay where?

Kyle'daBae: your place this evening at five

Me: okay but you can't stay till midnight

Kyle'daBae: no problem (;

I set my phone down and I realize that I haven't talked to the unknown texter since yesterday. He didn't respond to my countless text that I've sent to him. 

Why is he mad anyway? I don't even know him and I can't just sit alone till 1st of April.

Besides, it's Kyle, I liked him since forever and I'm not gonna ignore him because of some stranger had a crush on me. Maybe if he reveals himself I could consider about it, only if he can beat Kyle's perfection, but I doubt he would.

Alright, I'm totally kidding it's not about the looks ladies.

Me: how long do you plan on ignoring me?

Me: this is stupid

Me: please, I'm sorry if you're mad

Nothing: I'm not mad

Me: You sure as hell not happy either

Nothing: You know what yes I'm not happy

Nothing: I am absolutely beyond upset, Sky I don't even have a suitable word to describe this pain in my chest

Nothing: Ever since I saw him kissing you... You don't even know how messed up this feeling inside me. It so fucking hurt and I can stop from letting it bother me.

Nothing: I am incredibly in love with you Sky Rose but you couldn't give a shit about me

Nothing: I know that you liked Kyle since forever but this isn't fair

Nothing: I understand I can't force you to feel the same way about me even if I've been sitting here for weeks racking my brains around on how I could ever get you to feel the same.

Nothing: I just want you to know that I mean it when every single time I say that I liked you and I'm not bragging about some lame-ass hoe who will dump you when someone better comes along.

Nothing: I want to say 'fuck you for breaking my heart' but I can't because I still love you even when I'm so pissed as hell

Nothing: just stop talking to me Sky

Nothing: you have Kyle and this isn't fair between me and him

Nothing: not until you decide who you really want

Nothing: I hope you're happy with him



Kyle: dude practice canceled I have something to do

Me: what? You can't just cancel it the event is just one more weeks to go

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