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Wahh, here we are! The END of this crazy ride of my very first story. I am so beyond happy to be able to finish this. Fuhh. And yeah I put Wuthering Height quotes at the end (it's my all time favourite)
Endless thanks to my readers, you have stayed with me through everything till the end I am so grateful. Also many thanks to my best friend @OceanEyes for your endless support. You will forever be my entire universe.
Additional infos to all my lovely readers that I do not do sequel to this story but biggest surprise that if you wanted me to do an extras or an alternative ending also if you want to ask me any question don't hesitate to PM me or you could drop the request on the comment section.
Aaaannnnnddd one more thing, don't forget to check out my other stories. :))

Don't forget to spread the love all around the entire world.


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