Chapter 11

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Elvis Presley: the way she walks

Elvis Presley: the way she talks

Elvis Presley: how long will I pretend?

Elvis Presley: but I can help falling in love with school

Elvis Presley: first day of school you're not going to be late aren't cha Sky?

Me: I'm already at school

Elvis Presley: Ohhh crap

Me: first day back and I'm so tired already

Me: I'm just looking forward to you leaving in five months

Elvis Presley: can you do me a favour?

Me: What?

Elvis Presley: change my name to Luke Hemmings

Me: Oh hell naww

Me: I wouldn't ruin his perfect image for you

Nicki'sAss: rude

Nicki'sAss: I will have you know that I'm way hotter than him

Nicki'sAss: just wait Sky, JUST YOU WAIT

I set my phone down on the table waiting for my friends to arrive.

"Hey Sky," Dan and Hayley sit down across the table.

"Sup Danley," I start laughing really loud. "Get it? Ship name? I'm sailing with you guys across the world."

"You're not funny bitch, shut up,"

"Shut up Danny boy,"

"Call me that one last time and you'll be rest in peace,"

"Whatever," I rolled my eyes.

This morning I'm wearing one of the "freakish" outfits the mean girls whispered about- TOMS shoes, skinny jeans and a white Rolling Stones T-shirt. Then, Hayley and I plopped into our first period seats for Biology class and open our books to the section on adolescent psychology.

"The human brain," Mrs Clifford began. "is not fully developed until into one's twenties."

The class giggled. They seated beside each other. Both Hayley and I smiled.

"Believe it or not, that wasn't meant as a joke," the blond teacher continued. "The reason I tell you this because today we'll be talking about adolescent sexuality,"

More giggles.

"And before you can understand what you are going through, it is the best to first understand that your brain isn't designed to fully understand what you are going through. In fact the brain, especially abstract reasoning that is used to asses long-term risk and consequences, isn't fully developed."

Mrs Clifford then showed a slide from her laptop on the projector screen.

Until then I get distracted when I heard Kristen and her friend at the back gossiping something in a whisper but loud enough for me to hear them since I was sitting right in front of her.

"Did you heard about what happened this morning?" Kristen whispered to Heidi.

"No. What is it?" Heidi says.

"I heard Kyle punched Alex," Kristen said I freeze at the moment.

"Nobody knows why, though," She continues.

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