Chapter 20

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Me: hey

Me: I think, I'm gonna tell you now

Me: bc I'm going crazy and confused

Dan: about your sexuality?

Me: I'm straight, Dan.

Me: it's kinda serious pls

Me: well, back in December , I asked for Sky's number and stuff

Me: and I said it was for studying

Me: well in reality I was texting her because I liked her and stuff

Dan: I know

Dan: she told me all about the "anonymous texter"

Dan: I figured it was you

Dan: especially after the stupid shoe incident

Me: and I didn't tell her my name

Me: she was quite reluctant

Me: and I found out that she actually hates me

Me: with a passion

Dan: which everyone but you knew

Me: so Kyle came in

Me: and he was messing around with girls behind her back

Dan: I knew about that

Me: yeah, so basically

Me: Kyle came around again

Me: and he told Sky all these lies

Me: that I set him up to look like he was cheating

Me: and somehow what he said, was just re-quoting what I said?

Me: which make no fucking sense, whatsoever

Me: now she knows that I'm the one who was texting her

Me: but she also believed Kyle

Me: now, Idk what to do

Me: bc I didn't do those things?

Me: she's choosing to believe him instead of listening to me

Me: she probably wouldn't believe me

Me: and Idk if you believe me either

Dan: tbh I may go out of my way to make you feel uncomfortable and stuff

Dan: but I do think you're a nice guy

Dan: I can see you're tryin' so hard, man, if I were you I would give up

Dan: and that goddamn Kyle is obviously just playing with my best friend

Dan: I'd be more, a ton more likely to believe you

Dan: than I'd ever be to believe Kyle

Dan: I S2G I want to destroy him

Dan: I know he's just doing this shit as game

Dan: SO I'll talk to Sky, yeah?

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