Chapter 2

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Unknown number: You look amazingly beautiful in that dress m'lady

I look up from my phone and my eyes searching in the crowd.

Me: You seriously need to stop this.

Unknown Number: I told you this is not a prank Sky Rose

Me: Ugh fine can you stop texting me?

Unknown Number: I don't know

Unknown number: As long as it could keep going ain't nothing stopping me

Me: Can you at least tell me your name so I can put it as your contact name?

Unknown number: You can put it as 'your master' ;)

Me: NO

Me: Fucking

Me: Way

Me: Nvm I'll just put something I like :)

Me: or even something hilarious.

Me: Or something embarrassing

Unknown number: You're lucky I got to do something Thomson

Unknown number: But this ain't finished yet

Unknown number: I'll be back woman

Unknown number: and I know this might be too early but I love you #fangirlingsohard :*

**[No point of view]

Sky was sitting in the front row of the table where she was facing the stage. Boredom is already creeping her mind yet she was left alone. This is why she despised to attend any school celebration or party.

Shortly after eight o' clock, when the DJ announced the band to perform, all the instrument-carrying band member finally walked on stage to an eardrum-piercing screeching, Sky's first thought was her major crush and who else could it be besides the main vocal or leader of the band.

She feels lucky to have the front seats alone at first and there was nowhere else in the world she'd rather be for now.

That bicep flex and stubble chin never looked so hot and right now, Sky Rose was right in front of her major crush Kyle Hogan.

Her heart beats rate is faster than usual and she might collapse in the matter of time when Kyle step on the front stage.

"Thank you for having us tonight as you guys know this is our first performance of the school annual. Right now we're gonna sing a cover song it's called 'They don't need to understand' by Andy Black and hope you guys enjoy."

Kyle's short speech ended with a big smile and it's enough to make most of the population of female student going insane including Sky herself.

While the other students captured them on video with their phone and cheering, Sky closed her eyes and soaked in the moment it is one of her favorite song which was sung by one of her favourite band all time.

She sang that song, having memorized the lyric long ago, her voice growing hoarse. Sweat dripped down her cheeks. At one point, as she opens her eyes, Kyle looked at her direction and cracked a smile at the same time a wink.


The moment I open my eyes and my gaze landed on the stage looking into Kyle's direction, we made eye contact.

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