Chapter 19

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He brought me to the Altar Bar where the gig venue is. I used to be a hardcore-fangirl over The Shadow Empire before but right now I'm not even impressed to see them perform. Ironic.

"Come on. Oh, I can't use the front entrance. But I've reserved a seat for you meet me after the show. Okay?" I simply nodded.

I took a step inside the bar and ask the waitress about the reservation. She leads me to the corner of the bar where the reservation table is. I can see a better view from my seats and my eyes darted to Alex on the stage who's sound-checking his guitar. For real, he looks like a rock star with that red button down flannel and ripped skinny jeans, he looks stunning right under the flashlight.

Kyle suddenly pats his shoulder and whispering something before making his way to the middle of the stage I'm glad Alex didn't notice me. That view is so awkward Alex and Kyle? Being nice to each other? Give me a break.

After a few moments and after taking two glass of coke the show is finally over and Kyle is making a short lame-ass speech before disappearing to the backstage.

"Sorry for making you wait that long." He took a seat across me.

"So? Can we start?"

He takes a deep breath. "Alex set me up.."

"What?" Alex set him up to do what?

"You know Alex don't you? He had been saying some shit about a couple of girls. One of them is you. The emo girl that he used to call you and any names that are not really nice. I was just mocking him.. jokingly, of course."

I'm trying to find something on his face but I can tell whether he's telling the truth or what.

"I was just repeating things he said. He's the one that sent you that recording to spite me. He didn't like you and me together." He adds.


"He liked you. I guess."

"But that voice message has been coming from an unknown texter," I mumble. No wait, Alex been texting me the whole damn time?

"That unknown texter is Alex." He shrugs.

"Can I see Alex's number that you have?" He nods and pulls out his phone. I pull up the number for the person I've been texting. They match up, every number is the same. I've been texting Alex.

"I can't believe Alex is the one who's been texting me.. I really need to go. Can you take me home?"

"Sure, I'm sorry for telling you this. It's just so you know Alex is not a nice person like you thought he is." He says and we walk out of the bar.


As soon as I get into my room, I don't know what to feel or how to act. But for sure, I really, really, really want to cry. I want to break down and hit Alex. I'm so mad, upset and hurt.

I should've known for a longer time. It makes sense, but I feel like such an idiot.

Alex was the one in the shoe store that day. Alex was the one in Kyle's driveway that night. Alex was there when I was with Nate. Alex called me Sky Rose that day at lunch. He was at the mart. He's been everywhere and I've just been thinking they're a weird coincidence. This whole time he's been trying to hurt me? it's just hard to believe. That person who's texting me wouldn't do that.

 But he's Alex.

I never trusted him because he's been calling me names and make fun of me in front of his friends before like so many times. 

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