Chapter 3

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Thanks to the Lord sixth-period class is over. I gathered my books and head out of the classroom. It only takes a few minutes to reach the end of the sidewalk of the parking lot.

Most of the kids are just sitting around talking. The parking lot is strategically divided into seniors and juniors. Kinda ticks me off because I had to park far away from the entrance and I really hate exercising.

As I hop in my car and sat my bag on the passenger seat, I feel my phone buzz for almost the tenth time. I groaned in frustration while pulling it out of my jacket.

Creep: Are you coming to the party tonight?

Damn, this creep is being clingy as hell. He'll never leave me alone, wouldn't he? Or should I just tell him that I don't want to be bothered by him right now?

 Nah, that's rude.

Me: Yeah.

Creep: I'll be there :)

Me: So can I meet you?

Creep: Not yet.

Me: asshole

I huff and set my phone down on the passenger seat. This creep is starting to aggravate me.

I don't even know why I bother to respond. I'm not even interested in what his intentions are anyway.


Dan: Are you done? I'm in front of your gate.

Me: not going

Dan: don't be the second Hayley, you're going.


Me: why don't you just drag Hayley's ass

Dan: Because I know you will go

Dan: You have a huge obsession towards Kyle

Dan: So it's impossible for you to resist from going

Dan: BBY where are you?

Me: It's Alex's house not Kyle's

Dan: does it matter? Come on dude Alex is Kyle's best friend, of course, he'd be the Very Important Guest

Dan: And why do you hate Alex so much? He's way cooler than Kyle

Dan: and you probably need eyes check-up bc Alex is way hotter than Kyle

Dan:  To be clear Alex is Channing Tatum standard of hotness while Kyle, well he'd be hot too minus the fuckboy vibe

Dan: and if I had to pick. I'd pick Alex over Kyle

Me: I don't get it why you're dating Hayley cause it's obvious that you're hate, I'm no homophobe 

Dan: Whatevz now get your ass down here you've wasted my precious fifteen minute

Dan: remember child

Dan: Time is gold

Me: stop gibberish around before I change my mind

When I went downstairs my phone buzz again I groan while digging it from my pocket

"Dammit, Dan."

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