Chapter 28

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Me: hey babe :)

Me: how are you?

Me: god, I miss you

Love❤: I miss you too Alex <3

Me: there's something I've been wanting to ask you.

Love❤: ok, what?

Me: I'll ask you in first period, okay?

Love❤: Okay

Me: I'll talk to you in a bit

I'm going to ask her to be my Valentine. There's only a week until Valentine's Day and I'm so excited to ask her, I guess? But for sure I'll take her out on Valentine's Day. We'll go on a movie or a fancy dinner. It'll be perfect, I hope.



I'm going to be single on Valentine's Day. I mean, I've only been single on Valentine's Day in my whole life, but still. I really thought Alex would've been like the first person to be my Valentine, but it's been a week and he's still not talking to me. I didn't expect him too, honestly. Especially after being mean to me and then being mean to Dan. I mean, Dan? Really? Out of all of the people Alex talks to, I really thought Dan would be the one he wouldn't be a total dick to.

"We'll be your Valentine, Sky."

"You mean you and Dan." I raise my eyebrow.

"Yes. We'll go out together. Sam is going somewhere with her boyfriend."

"Her and Nate are a thing now," she shrugs. I frown. Even Nate found somebody.

"As much as fun as the third wheel sounds, I'll stay home."

"Sky," Hayley groans.

"Guys, I'm fine. I'm gonna go, though. First period starts in five minutes." I sigh, picking my tray off the table.

"Skylar, don't be so stubborn," Dan yells.

"I'm not!"

"Stubborn emo."

"Rude asshole."

"I'll see you in second, emo."

"Fine, loser." Dan doesn't say anything more, just flips me off. I roll my eyes and throw my tray away.

I sigh and make my way towards building nine. It's not too far from the cafeteria. So I walk a little slower than usual. I'm just avoiding first period, because I'm avoiding Alex. I have been for the last week. He doesn't come anywhere near me now. He always sits on the opposite side of the classroom in first and sixth period. At lunch, he's back to sitting with his popular friends. He doesn't even glance at me when I walk past him in the parking lot at school. It's just embarrassingly awkward at this point.

I open the classroom door and Alex sitting in his normal seat by the door.

"I was wondering if you'd be my valentine?" I stop and feel my eye twitch as I look over Alex.

"Of course, Alex!" The girl giggles. Who the hell giggles? Alex can't be serious. He's asking Scarlett to be his Valentine? I didn't even know that Alex knew Scarlett. Now they're a thing? It's been a week, are you serious?

"Cool," Alex smiles.

"Cool," I mock silently under my breath. Cool? That's the best you got, Alex? Why not "you're beautiful" or "I'm ridiculously in love with you?" I'm sure she'd love those too, Alex.

"I was wondering of you'd like to come to this party tonight.." Alex runs his hands through his hair. That's not cool Alex, just shut up already.

"Sure," Scarlett smiles. Oh look at her. Her perfect teeth and smile, Alex must be in love. I'm trying so hard to hate Scarlett, but even I know that Scarlett is like the sweetest person in school. Scarlett is on SGA, Scarlett in the Humane Society, Scarlette is a church-going Christianity, and Scarlett is nice to everyone. She wear dresses and talks about how it's a beautiful day though it's -2 degrees and everyone is sick. Scarlett has perfect attendance and is everyone favourite student. Scarlett takes AP classes and never gets anything than an A+. Scarlett is perfect and I'm not.

"Hey are you going to that college tour for Carnegie?"

"No," Alex frowns, "I didn't know about it?" Scarlett laughs and pulls a piece of paper out of her notebook. She scribbles something down on it.

"There's the information," she hands the paper to him. "Maybe you and I will have classes together."

"I hope so," Alex smiles. They're going to Carnegie together. As if I wasn't annoyed as hell already.

"I hope so," I mock quietly. I swear to god, this class better start soon or I'll combust. I'm so annoyed right now. I want to hate Scarlett right now anything about the drama. I'm sure she's an innocent soul being sucked into Alex's bullshit.

Me: Scarlett Markley and Alex are a "thing" now

Me: they're going to Carnegie together.

Me: they're going to a party together

Me: they're each other's valentine




Dan: you've been in class for like two minutes Sky damn

Dan: calm down on the bitchfest for a minute

Dan: what about Scarlett?

Me: alex asked her to be his valentine

Me: and asked her to come to a party tonight

Me: and talked about how he "hopes" they have classes together at Carnegie

Dan: ......

Dan: I feel bad for Scarlett tbh

Dan: that woman doesn't know what she's getting herself into

Dan: it's like "oh I'm innocent"

Dan: and then BAM #fricklefrackle

Dan: washing all those Sundays away

Dan: she'll show up to school one day looking like Miley Cyrus

Dan: and you'll know she got laid

Me: stop

Me: I don't wanna think about them getting on

Me: she's too nice to be done with those things

Dan: literally

Me: shut up

Dan: still not too late for you to be my valentine

Me: no I won't be the third wheel

Dan: babe

Dan: come on

Dan: just like Scarlett



Me: you nasty af

Dan: bRb Teacher

**In case you're wondering: Indiana Evans as Scarlett Markley because she's purrrfect and I like her so much(pics on the side)**.

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