Chapter 4

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Me: morning beautiful

Me: Wakey wakey sunshine

Me: It sounds like you're my daughter when calling you that

Me: but no worries I can be your DADDY anytime ;)

Me: Ok sorry for being inappropriate 

Me: Wake up Sky high

Oh my god, Sky wake up, I miss you,

Me: Dammit Sky what did Kyle did to you last night?

Me: Are you still alive?

Me: I miss you

Me: Like so much

Me: Get up already I'm bored

Me: It such a beautiful sky up there

Me: but it's hard to look at because sun rays

Me: but I realize that God created me another Sky that is easier to look at

Me: now I don't have to look up or struggle my eyes to fight with the sun rays

Me: because the Sky is right in front of me

Me: Last chance

Me: The struggle is real

Me: I miss you

Me: you were always on my minnddddd

Me: Is it too late to say that you looked absolutely stunning last night?


Me: you look like one of those girls who has One direction as your ringtone Am I right?


Me: I mean you are beautiful and you don't even try it

Me: Now you tearing up my heart

Me: I just realize Dylan O'Brien was hot

Sky Rose: that's it Cinderella you're grounded

Sky Rose: You should get up and found new friends

Sky Rose: It's like noon why are you waking me up?

Me: I could've sworn it was night after waiting for you to respond

Sky Rose♡: haha..  Very funny

Sky Rose♡: are you made of ginger and spices? Bc you'd be hot and spicy sexy

Sky Rose♡: or nahh

I swear this girl made me fall in love even every time I talk to her. I wish I could just hear her voice directly filled my ear and referring me as my name instead of 'cinderella' or whatever my contact name is.

Too bad she hates you, my subconscious reminds me. Especially after that run over incidents not to mention all of the incidents that I've ever gotten into. I can see she hates me hundred times more than Justin Bieber's followers on Twitter. Even after I build up the nerve to apologize at the party still I get hostility in her voice as a payback.

Me: do you have any plans today?

Sky Rose♡: I'm at the mall

Sky Rose♡: I decide to get new vans for Christmas but my wallet is not on mating season to produce more money

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