Chapter 10

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Me: Hey nothing, honestly I'm kinda scared. I don't know if this is a good idea

Nothing: Where are you at?

Me: In front of his house

Me: Holy shit that bitch got BMW

Me: Is that his own car?

Me: If so he's hella rich kid man

Me: but hella poor in terms of his personality and brain

Nothing: Yeah he is tho

Me: I'm gonna destroy his car for real

Me: so he's not getting laid no more

Me: he'll stress out and he'll end up chopping his weiner and feed the pig

Nothing: What are you waiting for? Do it

Me: Do you think I should carved the word or scribbled it with a sharpie?

Nothing: Do it both so he'll get double fucked up

Me: that's kinda messed up I'm not actually gonna destroy his car tho

Nothing: Its nothing compares to what he did to you


Nothing: get out of the damn car now srsly

Me: don't tell me what to do srsly

Nothing: fine srsly

Nothing: you go babe seriously


I hop out of my car and make my way up the porch. All the lights are off, with a silent prayer I hope they're all asleep. I dig the two equipment out of my pocket and battling with my mind whether to use the pocket knife or the set of sharpie.

I pick the sharpie as a final decision because for god's sake I'm not gonna destroy a precious thing, I mean this car cost triple times than my house.

I pick up the black colour marker and started writing. I swear my body shakes to death when I'm finished the first word.


Oh shit, I'm going to jail. Please at least give me a chance to meet Luke Hemmings. Please tell my parents that I love them.

I saw Alex standing at the end of the driveway.

"What are you doing here?" I set the pen down on the hood. He's definitely telling Kyly about this, I'm screwed.

"I came to see Kyle, wanted to return something that belongs to him but I guess he's sleeping now it's kind of dark inside." he shrugs.

"What about you?" he raises an eyebrow. I shrug and his gaze caught the set of permanent marker.

After the moment, his mouth forms an 'o'. " Oh.. 'Douche bag'? Are you gonna write it all over his car?" Shit he's totally gonna tell Kyle about this.

"Er.. It was a friend's idea," I mumble. "Please don't tell-"

"I won't, I promise," he smiled like it was nothing wrong.

Okay that was weird.

"It seems fun can I help?" Really? I though he's your best friend.

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