Chapter 5

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Me: I just realize I've been texting you for almost two weeks

Tinkerbell: Really? Happy two weeks anniversary to us

Me: Yeah whatever, can you at least give me a name to call you?

Tinkerbell: you can call me Justin Bieber

Tinkerbell: Or the heartthrob one direction dude with the curly haired who is it?

Me: You mean Harry Styles?

Me: No way I'm calling you him

Me: He's ma bae

Justin Bieber: I never thought you like One Direction

Justin Bieber: you're so not punk rock

Me: That's the only non-punk rock band that I like

Me: Stop judging me I'm just a girl, not yet a women

Me: and how can you resist Harry Styles? With his god damn look and those big heart of him **violently shed tears**

Justin Bieber: You're so emotional I've heard he's gay

Justin Bieber: Larry is real than Haylor

Me: Stop mentioning Haylor. That was the most traumanizing moment for me

Justin Bieber: You have serious obsession issues

Justin Bieber: I think I can handle that ;)

Me: No you can't unless you're down-to-earth Andy Biersack

Justin Bieber: I'm offended

Me: oops?

Justin Bieber: I forgive you because you're hotter than hell

Justin Bieber: Are you still coming tonight?

Me: no.. Wait I'm gonna erased that Bieber

Justin: why not?

Justin: You've promised

Me: fine you're lucky it was at Kyle's place

Justin: Everyone knows I'm way cooler than him

Justin: Oh almost forgot babe MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Me: Merry Christmas to you too.. SOOOO what did you get?

Justin: Nothing because I didn't get you ;)

Me: Smoothhhh

Justin: wear something sexy

Justin: 'cause no one ever looked so good in a dress and it hurts

Justin: 'Cause I know you won't be mine tonight

Justin: No one ever makes me feel like you do when you smile

Justin: Baby, tell me how to make it right?

Me: Are you quoting one direction?

Me: So not punk rock

Justin: Did I do something stupid?

Justin: Girl if I blew it

Justin: Just tell me what I did. Let's work through it

Justin: There's got to be some way to get you to want me

Me: Stop spamming with my fav song I can't stop singing

Justin: Now all of my friends say it's not really worth it

Justin: Only you can set my heart on fire

Justin: Love me like you do, kiss me like you do

Me: I really am going to punch you for these shits when I meet you

Justin: You mean punch my lips with your lips right?

Me: Never in your wildest dream

Justin: Well we have two months and three weeks to figure if we're gonna kiss or not

Justin: and we will, whether I kiss boomed you or

Justin: I'll accidently crash my face into yours

Me: Are we doing face wrestling or something?

Justin: Nahh just kiss wrestling I kiss you and you kiss me back fair and square

Me: Bruhh.. you're so sweet

Me: no wonder you're single

Me: you suck at flirting

Justin: I'm actually master at it just by one glance and girls died

Me: lol

Justin: I've heard that your first kiss was Dan


Me: I swear he somehow thinks I'm proud of it and thinks that I like it which eww

Justin: Don't worry I'll make you forget about it one fine day ;)

Me: goodnight

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