Chapter 22

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"Why?" Well that's not what I expected. Thank god she doesn't sound mad. She sounds more confused than anything else. At least she's not slapping me or slamming the door in my face like I expected.

"I," I rub the back of my neck nervously. "I just am."

After a moment of awkward silence, Sky sighs. "Do you want to come inside?" Did she just invite me in? Do I accept? Shit, I'm so nervous right now. She's being so calm and I'm scared.

"Uh, it's kinda cold outside," I mumble. Sky nods and opens the front door. I follow behind her, closing the front door behind me. I slip my jacket off and hang it on her coat rack.

"Do you want some pie?" She yells from the kitchen.

"Sure," I reply. I notice a baby picture of Sky and her brother Ashton on the bookshelf in her living room. I was totally right- we'll make cute babies together.

"Do you always stare t pictures?" I jump slightly as Sky enters the living room with a plate of pie.

"When they're yours, yes."

"Smooth," she mutters and setting the plate down on the coffee table in front of the couch. Sky takes a seat on the couch, so I take that as a cue to sit too.

"I feel like you're here for more than just express your unwarranted love for me."

"Kinda," I shrug, "Yeah, actually."

She nods slowly, "go for it."

Be cool Alex. You're here to tell her the truth- that Kyle lied. Don't mess this up. You have one chance Alex.

"What Kyle said was just one big lie. I can show you our previous conversation before the voice message that I took," I pause, pulling my phone out. "Honestly Sky, I would never try to hurt you."

"I'm kinda figuring it that out," she whispers. I pause for a second. I can't believe how understanding she's being. This isn't the Sky I'm used to.

"Oh," I bite my lip. "Do you believe me then?"

"I'm not sure who to believe, Alex. I mean, I had quite a bit of information thrown at me between you and Kyle lately." I nod. I'm really trying not to say anything that I'll regret later. Things are going better than I expected and I don't want to mess this up.

After a moment, Sky kicks her feet up. I can't help but smile, but all she does is roll her eyes.

"Honestly Alex, I'm willing to try." Try what? Please say you'll be my girlfriend or that you're willing to try a relationship.

"Try what?"

"To be your friend," she pauses. "Personally, I think Kyle is lying, but I don't have proof. Just like I don't have the proof that you're telling the truth." ... Oh. Friends. At least she thinks Kyle is lying.

"Oh," I frown.

"Friends" No. No. Never. I don't want to be friends. I want you to be my girlfriend, Sky. Do you know how bad does it feels like being friendzoned?

"I guess." Better than nothing, I guess. At least she's going to be more willing to try?

"It's subject to change, though. Don't piss me off."

"You're always pissed off."

"Hey!" She points her finger at me, "that pissed me off." Sky's trying really hard to keep a straight-face, but I can see her lips twitch a bit as she tries to stop from smiling. It's only makes me smile more.

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