Chapter 26

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I just want my phone back, god. I'm having serous no-phone anxiety. I'm going to be so pissed if Kyle isn't at school tomorrow. I had my passcode on, didn't I?

No, I didn't. Shit! I turned it off when I got home after school because I didn't want to keep unlocking it while I waited for Alex. Kyle must've gone through it. God, that is going to be so embarrassing. I'm sure he'll tell the whole school about all my thousand pictures of Luke Hemmings or my screenshots of funny conversations with Alex. Ew. Plus, he has excess to all of my shits. I'm so stupid, oh my god.

I walk to the front door to get inside. I don't even know how long had I been standing in the porch waiting for my phone to come back. I saw a girl shoes in front of the door. A visitor? Who could it be?

I went inside and I saw my mom, dad and a girl about my age sitting at the living room. I realize mom was crying and dad had his hand on his forehead squeezing it. The tension in the room is intimidating with my worried parents and an unknown girl in my house?

"Sky." As the girl turned and greets me I was terribly shocked. Bethany Prinsloo. I know her very well because she used to be Ashton's girlfriend and if she didn't moved to another school she'll be one of my senior.

"Have a seat, Sky." My dad offered to join them. I knew there's something's wrong. Why would she show up in my house. It's not like Ashton still alive. This is very rare.

"Why are you here?" I ask breaking the silence and releasing the pressure out of my body.

"I can't take this anymore. I'm sorry Beth, you should explain it to Sky." I became more worried when mom sobbing uncontrollably. My dad excuses us to follow my mom to talk to her or something.

"So, what's going on?" I ask for the second time.

"It's about Ashton's death." I knew it was about it.

"I know the reason why he's dead." she almost chocked herself from crying.

"Tell me everything." I said. Honestly I'm scared to know the truth.

"He didn't kill himself. But someone did." She wiped the tears slipping down her cheeks before she continues.

"Who did it?" My voice was barely audible. I knew it. I knew Ashton was killed by someone but who could it be?

"Kyle Hogan." As soon as the name slipped from her lips, my body became stiff. I was in utter shocked and my whole limb became numb.


"I think he's crazy. He used to have this stupid crush on me since he moved in Avonworth but I never like him because he was a weird kid. He wrote me poem during English class and made a collage for me on Valentine's Day- of my face. Not photos from Instagram or Facebook, but literally of my face from pictures taken from distance away."

That's really creepy, I couldn't imagine myself if I was her. I mean who wouldn't terrified if someone is stalking and obsessed with you.

"What terrified me a lot is some were of me in my bedroom eating a bag of crisps and some of it was whatever I'm doing in school."

"One day he ask me on a date but I refuse to because I told him that I have a boyfriend. Ashton."

She continues.

"I know somehow he's mad and the tension between them is obvious. He hates Ashton but Ashton was too naïve to see that."

Naïve. Yes, Ashton is always the naïve one, he doesn't see the bad in people instead of always thinks of the opposite.

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