Chapter 1

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**A.N: So basically this shit is about 50% conversation through texting. This is 100% owned by me, created by me(the struggle is real: HARDWORK) If any similarities to other story it will be a coincidental bc I work my own ideas.

The content of this story is pure fiction and I made up any fact that I want as long as it is acceptable by nature and logic.

Aaannndd one more thang, my purpose is to make you laugh so don't expect that this story is going to be a mature adult love story like 50 shades of spank ma ass daddy or where the characters will act like know how to make a  relationship work and whatsoever. My characters are like what? 16 to 17 yr old fetus. So don't expect them to make a mature decision in every single thing bc teens don't do that shit and we do what feels right bc we don't care.
Okay? Okay.
hope you guys enjoy :)

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**Warning: This story contain explicit language which may be offensive to some viewers.**

**currently editing each chapter AND English is not my first language so if you're allergic to grammatical errors or whatsoever I am so sorry. **



"Sky!" I tug my earbuds when I heard someone is calling me. Yup, this is me Skylar Thomson a typical high school student with a huge obsession toward bands and one thing that I always go with is my earbud and my Ipod.

"Sky, wait up!" I turn to face the familiar voice calling me. Hayley. Hayley Greene is my best friend since seventh grade and she knows everything about my current obsessions. Fortunately, we share the same interest which is the best thing in the world. She was my only partner in 'fangirl-ing' and we both will freak out suddenly in the middle of our conversation talking about our silly fantasy but guess what? When it comes to fangirl the world is ours and we don't give a shit. 

The hormones in a fangirl are way too much to handle sometimes.

"Did you know that TSE is going to do a show on this 20th school annual celebration! Oh My God! This is going to be the greatest school annual of the year ever!" she freaks out, I am freaking out even more. TSE is going to do a show? Holy shit, okay let me introduce you a little detail.

The Shadow Empire or TSE is our school band which mostly involved in rock genre and was formed last year by one of the heartthrob junior Kyle Hogan but he's a senior now.

They became famous by uploading their covers on Youtube and me as a creepy stalker never missed watching their videos 24/7 well, that's when I first saw them. They started over a year and start making shows on an event invitation or jamming along the street for fun.

"So, are you going?" I ask.

"Duh, of course. Who would miss seeing them perform," she scoffed and I chuckle a bit.

"People would die to see their performance. I'm so proud to be in the same school with them and can you imagine if one day they got famous."

"And we're gonna be like 'OMG HE'S MY EX SCHOOL MATE!'" she added. We both laugh like crazy and people were giving us a weird stare.

"Well, I'd be going now. I'll see you tonight babe."

"Alright," I said and giving her a small wave.

I can't believe Christmas break is in a week and we're nearly done 2014 and I am going to be a junior next year. I get into my car and drive home, today was a long and tiring day but I was overly excited for tonight.

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