Chapter 21

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Story of another us-5sos

Falling for you-The 1975


Kyle pulled over the car in front of my house and turns the engine off.

"Thanks for the awful date, Kyle."

"Thanks for always being nice, Sky."

"Honestly, Kyle... I think I may have feelings for Ale-" Kyle leans in and kisses me briefly. I push him away and shake my head.

Nothing. No feelings whatsoever.

"I told you Sky," he sighs

"Alex isn't who you think he is."

"I don't know who you are either," I raise my voice. "Besides, I've seen a side of Alex in the last month that I didn't know it was him."

"Honestly, it's just a side that comes as shocked to me and I'm still trying to figure this out, but for right now, I just need space." Kyle clenches his fist and takes a deep breath.

After a moment, he sighs. "Fine, Sky. I just want you to know that I really like you, though."

"And I really like Netflix, but I'm not going to date Netflix. Night, Kyle." I close the car door and make my way to the front door. I'm just going to sleep for the rest of the night. Then I'll decide what to do tomorrow. Why not hold off another night?

"Hi honey!"

"Hi mom," I drop my bag on the couch.

"We're going to dinner with the Doering's. No parties, don't get pregnant, we love you."

My mom pauses before turning back around. "Somebody called, by the way."

"Damn. I was really looking forward to throwing a party for my four whole friends," I sigh. Who the hell calls the house phone looking for me?

I decide after my parents left that I should probably see who called. I pick up the house phone and call back the number.

"Sky?" It's Alex. He sounds winded and nervous.

"Bye," I hang up the phone. Nope. Hell no. How the hell did he get this number too?

I check my phone, but they're all texts from Kyle and Dan.

Dan: don't hate

Dan: but I gave Alex your house number

Dan: that poor kid cried when I went to go see him

Dan: like wtf I wasn't sure what to say

Dan: like I usually tell you to suck it up

Dan: but when Alex cries it's like children die

Dan: I couldn't even omfg

Dan: he said you blocked him

Dan: so I gave him your house number

Dan: hey can you bring me some pie?

Me: rlly Dan

Me: he's just acting pls

Me: and no

Me: he called and I called him back

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