Chapter 13

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Burritoboy: what If I'm Alex?

Me: Idk what to say

Me: That'll be weird

Me: bc I like you, I mean, I love you as a friend

Me: why, are you Alex?

Burritoboy: no I just made up question since I have nothing to ask anymore

Me: ok, I believe you

Me: you talk about him a lot you know?

Burritoboy: you do too

Me: bc he annoys me a lot

Burritoboy: I'm just trying to be relatable I guess

Me: seriously this is driving me crazy bc I want to know who you exactly are

Me: we talked a lot of stuff but I don't know you

Me: it makes me feel like I'm talking to a chatbot, I think we should stop a bit

Burritoboy: I see you're pushing me away again

Me: I need time to figure out, everything is just so confusing and stressing me out

Me: how can I possibly like you if I don't know you

Me: I'm sorry


With a frustrated sigh, I shove my phone back in my jacket. I walk past the hall to my first period class and I saw Sky sitting in the front row with her head on the desk. She was in deep thought until she didn't notice I walked past her.

Worse of all I feel like such a huge idiot. I should've told her the truth when I had a chance instead of keep playing this coward games. I should've just told her everything at the party.

I was foolish to think that I could change her mind when I know that she will never, ever feel the same way about me.

It's time to move on. Yes, seriously this should stop. I've tried everything and I'm tired for wasting my time on a girl who doesn't bother to even look at me.

There's only so much you can try to do before feeling like you're just riding a dead-end road.

Plain and simple. Move on. If she really cares, she'll make an attempt this time.

When first period class has ended, I walk past the hallway to get to the toilet but suddenly I saw Taylor in the middle of the hall chatting with some of her friends. I make an attempt to strive towards her.

"Taylor," She ignores me and walked away.

"Taylor wait up," my voice was a little higher this time.

"What do you want Alex?" I can sense the hostility in her voice.

"Can we meet up at Sonic after school?" I have no idea what am I doing. She fakes laughed before responding to my request.

"After you dumped me? No,"

"I didn't dump you, we weren't together before,"

"What is your intention actually, Alex?" She asks.

"I- I just missed you," Nahh.. I'm just moving on from Sky.

"Fine, you're lucky I still love you and I miss you too," Wow, easier than I ever thought.

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