Chapter 12

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"You heard me. Why do you hate me so much?"

Why is he even asking?

"I don't hate you,"

"Yes you do, everyone knows you do," I frown and set my phone down.

"Your friends were calling me some names," I shrug. "Who knew you're not like them either?"

"I'm not like them," he said defending himself.

"Prove it, and why does it bother you when I don't like you? You don't like me either,"

He looks down at his phone and backs up at me. He's about to say something but at that moment a few students come in and take a seat. I just turn around and slumps into my seat back.

Me: he's so weird today

Nothing: who?

Me: Alex

Nothing: what are you being over dramatically mad about this time?

Me: Alex asked me why I hate him so I told him it was bc of his friends and he said that he wasn't like them

Nothing: that's a reasonable response

Me: da hell are you talking about?

Nothing: Maybe he's right tho

Me: is there something I'm missing here?

Nothing: about what?

Me: why is he being so weird?

Me: he never talked to me this whole damn time until a few weeks ago

Me: it's kinda strange.. no, there's something makes me concerned

Nothing: like what?

Me: like you and him

Me: are you sure you're not friends with Alex?

Nothing: don't blame me bc Alex a weirdo

Nothing: honestly it's immature to blame one guy for his idiocy throughout high school

Nothing: I think you need to calm down and hash out these past feelings against him and his friends.

Me: but he has to prove he's not like the rest  of his friends

Me: then I'll think about forgiving him

Selena Gomez: oh that's fucked up

Selena Gomez: why can't you just believe him? is it hard for you to do it?

Me: tell me why are you defending him?

Selena Gomez: bc right now he's making an attempt to be nice Sky Rose

Selena Gomez: open your eyes, he's a hell of a lot nicer than you now

Selena Gomez: thats all I can say

Me: fine whatever

Me: nobody's perfect

Selena Gomez: who says, who says you're not perfect? Who says you're not worth it?

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