Chapter 6

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Me: You're still coming tonight right?

Me: Sky please it's about an hour before 2014 end

Me: It's New Year's Eve

Me: I really want to see you don't be such an old lady

Me: **violently sobs**

Me: you've promised **violently wiped tears**

Sky❤: **violently stab myself**

Sky❤: I am on my way

Sky❤: But I'm not enjoying myself

Sky❤: this is mental abusive

Me: thank you baby ILY

"Hey Alex," I quickly locked my phone.

"Taylor?" She raises an eyebrow as I slip my phone into my back pocket.

"Who are you texting?"

"My mom, she says hi by the way."

"Come on Alex, you're missing the party," she tries to drag me by my arms but my head shakes no.

"I can't wait for our New Year's kiss," Yeah I can't wait it to be Sky.

"I need to get a drink."

"Okay," she huffs.

Me: You know how badly I want you to be my New Year's kiss

Sky❤: I know me too :/

Sky: I'm walking inside and this party already suck



I walk inside to find Hayley, Dan, and Sam

"Sky. I never thought you're coming?" Hayley smiles.

"I change my mind," I lied.

"Good improvement loosen up tonight, find someone," she winks. I know what she's trying to say. I scrunch my nose with her remarks.

"Well, I gotta go get Dan have fun." I haven't responded and she already disappears into the crowd.

Thanks for leaving me partner.

"Hey Sky," I turn around when someone taps my shoulder. My heart beats faster and my palm is getting sweaty.

"Hey Kyle," I smiled. Smooth Sky, smooth.

"Thanks for coming and you're extremely beautiful," What? Is it him? The guy I was currently texting is Kyle Hogan? Or it is just a coincidence. Nah, it's probably a coincidence or not but I don't care anyway because Kyle freaking Hogan is in front of me. 

"Thank you," I said. He is absolutely gorgeous, like always. Way to kill my self-esteem Kyle.

"Would you like to dance with me?" he reaches out his hand. Oh my god is going to be the death of me. For real? 

"Sure," I said, reaching his hand and he leads me to the dance floor.



I tried searching for Sky almost the entire corner of the house but she never came to my sight.

Sky where are you?

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