Chapter 18

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Kanye East: Guess who's got school tomorrow

Me: you

Kanye East: u

Kanye East: wait don't reply before me

Kanye East: so

Kanye East: I have a new pick-up lines

Me: please don't

Kanye East: If you were an angle, you'd be acute one

Kanye East: Do you have sunburn? Or are you always this hot?

Kanye East: If you were a vegetable, you'd be a cutecumber

Me: This is why we had morbid relationship

Beyonce: relationship?

Me: NO


Beyonce: r e l a t I o n s h I p

Me: don't even start DUDE

Beyonce: you just said relationship

Beyonce: its ok to admit that you want me

Beyonce: I mean us, it's obvious

Beyonce: you're subconsciously dropping hints

Beyonce: that I'm your boyfriend

Beyonce: I get it sky (:

Beyonce: I'll happily be your boyfriend


Me: a relation isn't always intimate you disturbed child

Me: It can be platonic

Me: Like I'm having a meaningful relationship with my mom

Me: but I'm not dating my mom

Beyonce: I know. I was just messing around

Me: teachers leave them kids alone

Romantic Stalker: are you really quoting pink Floyd in math class?

Me: It's a perfect time and I hate math

Romantic Stalker: So why are you in AP statistics?

Me: I need it

Romantic Stalker: so any plans for tonight?

Me: I actually have this date

Romantic Stalker: a date? With who?

Me: Kyle. It's a long story

Romantic Stalker: you're going on a date with Kyle?

Romantic Stalker: wow after what happened?

Romantic Stalker: are you serious?

Alright, he is mad right now.

Me: he wants to tell me everything

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