Chapter 37

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Me: excuse me.

Me: Mrs Follese..

Me: are you ready for our date?

Me: bc like you're NOT ANSWERING

Me: I swear if I'm being stood up by my girlfriend

Me: I'll


Me: I'll probably cry

Me: I'm very emotional okay

Me: baby please ):


Me: If you don't answer I'll send more jokes

Me: in 3..

Me: 2...

Me: 1...

Girlfriend: OKOK IM HERE

Girlfriend: just no jokes PLS


Me: you only answer when I threaten you

Me: and like girls beg for my jokes

Me: and you're just drinkin dat haterate

Me: like you obviously we just like sitting there reading the notifications

Girlfriend: girls beg for your jokes?

Girlfriend: they must be vv lonely fangirl

Me: shut up

Me: I found your kink

Me: You're probably into someone like Christian Grey ;)

Girlfriend: wtf

Girlfriend: I was taking a dump

Girlfriend: I didn't want to answer while pooping

Girlfriend: It makes me feel uncomfortable to talk to people when you're releasing that brown stuff

Girlfriend: and no

Girlfriend: do I look like a submissive to you asshole

Me: well not when you say it like that

Me: well are you ready or?

Girlfriend: calm down spongebob

Girlfriend: I need to change out of my lingerie

Me: nice

Me: and sexy

Girlfriend: I don't even bother to ask if you're outside

Girlfriend: My alex senses tingle

Girlfriend: and I start getting a rash

Girlfriend: and breakout with a case of "you're an assholeitis"

Me: sounds sexy

Girlfriend: does everything sound sexy to you rn?

Me: a little bit

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