Chapter 23

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I have to get to first period before Kyle. I'm going to be the one who sits beside her. Kyle can fuck off, because she's my friend now. She's going to trust me and believe me, not him.

I swing the classroom door open and it's only Sky in the classroom. I don't know why she always likes being the first in the classroom.

"Skylar," I smile, sitting down beside her.

"Alexander," she mocks.

"You look beautiful this morning."

"No I don't, asshole."

"You do, though."

"Shut up."

"You can't push me away, Sky," I smile slightly.

"I'm going to try, though."

"Why?" My smile turns to a frown.

"I have no specific reason why," she shrugs, "yet."

"That's fucked up. I love you, though."

"You don't love me, Alex."

"I do, though." She'll never believe me, will she?

"You don't know me."

"I do," I whine. "Can you please unblock me now?"

"Not yet," she huffs.

"Sky," I tug on her shirt, "please!"

"I like it when you beg," she laughs.

"Besides, I'm mad at you."

"Why?" I yell.

"You totally embarrassed not just yourself but me last night."

"Your mom called me son," I smile happily, "I think she wants us to get married."

"Shh," she holds her finger up, "class is starting." I huff and slump my shoulders. I want to talk to her more. So unfair, Skylar. At least Kyle is sitting on the other end of the classroom, glaring. I think I won this time, Kyle. Sky is one step closer to me than she'll ever be to you.

I pay for my lunchand make my way out of the line. I'm going to sit by Sky at lunch. I know Alex is going to try and talk to her. He's probably going to tell her another lie about me. Not this time, Kyle.

I skim the first few rows for Sky, but I don't see her. Where is she? She always sits in the first few rows.

"Hey Alex," Dan yells.

"Hey," I mumble, looking to Sky still.

"Looking for a certain girl?"

"Yeah, actually. Have you seen her?

"Library, with Kyle." He shrugs. Fuck. I'm going to slap him.

I fill out my planner and have administration sign it, before leaving. It's so ridiculous that I need to pass to go read. Or to stop Kyle. But they don't know that.

When I reach the library, I make my way towards Kyle and Sky. I set my food down on the table and take a seat beside Sky.

"Hi Kyle," I wave. Kyle huffs and sinks into his seat.

"What are you doing here?" Sky whispers.

"I came to see you," I shrug.

"I'll see you around, Sky," Kyle stands up and shot her with innocent smile. I can feel my blood boiling. I really want to choke him. He's trying my patience.

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