The future is ours

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TS: Oh. Good for you. Dustin, Brianna said to kiss you for her. :) You were supposed to call her apparently.

Dustin: Why isn't she here?

TS: She was busy. :) Carnell and you should come over at our place someday. Mom ask for you everyday!

Carnell: We'll think about it.

TS: okay. Well, enjoy the party. Bye


In the car on their way home, it was tense between Carnell and Denise and Kae and Dustin. "I knew you were trouble" by Taylor swift started to play on the radio. Awkward.

When they got home, all the lights were off. Mrs Adrian was already sleeping. The boys were hungry so the girls decided to cook something quick while they set the table.

In the kitchen.

Demi: What can we cook for them? (She said while looking in the fridge)

Miley: Dunno. Lets make sandwiches.

Ariana: great idea. Denise, what's wrong?

Denise: Nothing...

Kae: Is it about Taylor and Carnell? Don't worry about that girl.

Miley: No wonder we're not that close anymore. She didn't even talk to me earlier.

Demi: Why does it bother you, Denise?

Denise:... Well. Carnell and I are back together since a few months now but we... stopped doing it... So I'm wondering if he's able to cheat on me because of that.

Ariana: Oh... You stopped because he said so or it came from you?

Denise: At first it was me but he never tries anything. I mean we sleep next to each other every single night but nothing happens. So I don't know.

Kae: Maybe you should require him to... Do it with a little strategy then you'll see.

Demi: Says the pregnant woman, don't forget! Lol

Miley: I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Really. They're crazy about us! Lol

Meanwhile with the boys:

Patrick: Hey guys I've been wanting to talk to you about something.

Kelly: What?

Patrick: Kayla and I rekindled the contact a month ago...

Bryan: Kayla. You mean your ex.

Patrick: yes... She's back in ATL and she found a new job.

Dustin: wow wow wow hold on. You're still friends?

Patrick: I mean she texted me so...

Carnell: Do you like her?

Patrick: Hum. I don't know.

Kelly: That means you like her. What about Miley?

Patrick: I don't know! I think we're starting to look like an old couple. I hate the routine.

Dustin: Dude that's messed up.

Patrick: I know but (his phone rang) "Hello?!/ Hey pat it's me, Kayla./ Hey pretty. Wassup?/ well I have an hour or two to waste so I thought I'd ask you to hang out! What do you think?/ That's great! Why don't you come over?/Oh yeah that's nice. I'll finally get to see the boys! It's been a long time./ Yeah. See you in a bit!/ Bye :)"

Carnell: Pat, wtf?!

Bryan: Why did you invite her over?

Patrick: coz I couldn't go out since everybody is here! It's gonna be a good opportunity to see which one I prefer!

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