Chapter 7

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Saturday morning

"Ally I don't know if I can do this.." Camila said pacing back and forth

"Mila you can." The short girl reassured her

"No I just...what if I mess up?" Camila says worriedly

"How can you mess up?" Ally asks

"I could...fall on my face like an idiot and totally embarrass myself!" Camila said fear flashing through her eyes causing Ally to laugh

"Mila she already knows you're the clumsiest person in the world. Plus from what you've told me I'm pretty sure she'll be holding on to you so much that it won't physically be possible for you to fall."

"Ugh I wish" Camila groaned "she's probably going to see me and run away" she pouted

"Camila would you just shut the fuck up." Ally suddenly shouted

"Allysus.." Camila whispered

"Lauren LOVES you. You LOVE Lauren so stop fucking worrying and go meet your girl." Ally huffed out before putting her hand over her mouth

"You just swore. Twice." Camila said amazed

"I-I have to go to church." Ally muttered before grabbing her bag and leaving

"What the fuck was that." Camila questioned


Lern jergi: would it be okay if I picked you up?

Camzi the loml: as long as you promise not to kill me

Lern jergi: I promise not to kill you.

Camzi the loml: okay I'll send you it through google maps so you have a gps to get here too

Lern jergi: thanks Camz

Camzi the loml: is it bad that I'm so scared to meet you...

Lern jergi: I'm really scared to meet you too

Camzi the loml: oh thank god

Lern jergi: ???

Camzi the loml: I'm not the only one

Lern jergi: actually, you are MY only one

Camzi the loml: if you talk to me like this in person I think I might pass out from all the blood going to my face 24/7

Lern jergi: it's ok, I'll catch you if you fall.

Camzi the loml: and I'm falling

Lern jergi: I'm catching you, I always will

Camzi the loml: omg Lo

Lern jergi: I gtg, I'm leaving now. You live 20 minutes away from me and that's the longest I'm waiting to see you.

Camzi the loml: drive safe, I love you

Lern jergi: I love you


Lauren actually lives 15 minutes away from Camila but she had to stop at the store across the street to pick up some yellow roses for her.

She just thought it was only right for her girl her favorite colored flowers.

And now she's here, standing on Camila's doorstep about to ring the doorbell.

*doorbell noise*

"I GOT IT" she heard Camila shout from behind the door

Her hearts racing with every second it takes Camila to get to the door

And suddenly, the door opens. And the girl of her dreams is standing right in front of her.

"I-I got you these.." Lauren blushed as she handed Camila the bouquet of yellow roses

"They're beautiful, thank you." Camila said smiling

"Not as beautiful as you." Lauren said staring at the younger girl, "Nothing will ever be as beautiful as you."

The urge to have the brown eyed girl in her arms has never been stronger and so Lauren finally did it. She pulled Camila right into her and wrapped her arms around her waist, probably crushing the flowers in the process

"Lo, do you think you could hug me a little looser so I could get my arms out to hold you back?" Camila giggled causing Lauren to blush

"God even your laugh is perfect" she said loosening her grip to allow Camila to wrap her arms around her neck

"Not as perfect as this." Camila breathed out allowing her eyes to close "it's just like I imagined"

"What is?" The green eyed girl asked

"Being in your arms."

"I love you." Lauren said

"I love you Lo. I can't believe we're finally saying this in person." Camila said, her voice cracking

"I can. I don't care if I lived thousands of miles away, I would have bought a plane ticket and came and saw you just as fast." Lauren spoke honestly

"This is what I mean" Camila breathed out "just in the past 5 minutes you've already made me blush so much, there's no way I can spend the whole day with you without passing out."

"It's okay, I'll catch you."



And they met!

The rest of their day together will be in the next chapter

Btw I started a new story called Internet friends you guys should check out the first chapter and let me know if you like it

- Jordan

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