Chapter 26

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"Baby wake up" Lauren chuckled as she planted kisses all over the younger girls face

"Five more minutes" Camila whined, latching her arms around her girlfriends waist and snuggling her face into the older girls neck

Lauren couldn't help but blush. This wasn't their first morning together obviously as the younger girl had moved in a few weeks prior, but it was Camila's first day of college.

"Camz" the green eyed girl whispered "you kinda have to go get an education"

To this Camila sat right up

"Fuck." she mumbled "College. Shit"

The older girl let out a giggle at the sight of her girlfriend running around their apartment, gathering her things for the day. If she had only looked at the clock, she would know that Lauren woke her up an hour before she had to leave in hopes of having breakfast together.

Rolling out of bed, Lauren walked into the bathroom after the other girl

"Babe" she mumbled as she poked her head into the bathroom with her eyes closed "you have an hour, take your time. Breakfast will be done when you get out of the shower"

Once she heard the other girl let out a relieved sigh, she walked to the kitchen and started breakfast; pancakes with banana smoothies


30 minutes later and both girls were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying their pancakes

"Lo this is the best morning ever" Camila stated as she finished her smoothie

"Anything for you princess" Lauren smiled causing her girlfriend to blush "but I have to go jump in the shower, then we can head off to school and I'll show you where your classes are"

The younger girl couldn't have been more thanked God more for setting her up with Lauren, she was most with out a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to her. And the fact that she had managed to get into the same school that Lauren attends made life just that much better.

So she got up and set their dishes in the sink, rinsing them with some water before putting them in the dishwasher.

Once she was done with that, she grabbed her bag and went through everything to make sure she had what she needed for the day


Another 30 minutes later and the girls were officially on the way to college together

"Are you nervous?"

Camila shook her head in response to this, she didn't want her girlfriend to know just how fast her heart was racing at the moment

Lauren nodded and smiled, she knew her girlfriend wasn't telling her the truth, she could tell just how nervous the girl was since the moment she woke up. But she didn't mind, she was the same way on her first day.

"You'll be fine, you have all the same teachers I had last year and I know they'll love you." She stated, reaching over the center console to hold her girlfriends hand

"Mr. Richards is a great English teacher, he loves hearing his students speak their opinions and won't ever pick on you if you don't raise your hand to speak. He's not one of those awful teachers that makes everyone nervous by choosing them to talk in front of the class" Camila let out the breath she was holding, that made her feel a lot better

"And Mrs. Jones is really chill, you'll love her photography class. Every year she starts off by assigning a project on the first day. All you have to do is take a picture of something that you find beautiful every day for a month and then pass it in with a paragraph of what it means to you and why you chose it."

Lauren had done the assignment last year and got a 100 on it. She took a picture of a rose she didn't take care of every day for a month next to a rose she took care of, and explained how it showed her that every beautiful thing in the world dies quickly if not taken care of properly.

"They're the only classes you have today, so I'll pick you up once I'm done with my double art class" the older girl was an art major so she just had to go and sit in a class where they learned how to express their feelings through art in whatever form they like and work on it for 4 hours

When Lauren finished talking, they pulled into the school parking lot

"You ready?" She asked, intertwining her hands with her girlfriends

"I think so" Camila whispered shyly

She really didn't know if she could make it through her classes today, but if Lauren believed she could, then she'll do her best to make her proud.



I'm sorry for not updating in forever, I just haven't felt like I could write this story that much more. It will most likely end in a chapter or two, HOWEVER, I am continuing my other story if you would like to check that out. I personally like it much more than this one.

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I think it's Sooo much better thank Worth it, and I love the video but I also feel as though it's very very sexual and sure we like that but I'm worried that the girls will get a lot of hate for it considering they got so much for Worth it and this one is 1000x more sexual

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