Chapter 8

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"So...where do you wanna go?"

After their 10 minute long hug, the two girls got in Lauren's car and realized that neither one of them had planned anything.

"I um... I don't really know" Camila says

"Well are you hungry?" Lauren asks earning a look of disapproval from Camila

"Did you really just ask me that.." Camila sighs

"Well I don't know, maybe for once in your life you aren't hungry." Lauren says trying to defend herself

"Like that'll ever happen" Camila laughs

"So pizza it is!" Lauren exclaims as she turns the car on and drives to the nearest pizza place


"Camz you have a little.." Lauren says motioning to the sauce on Camila's chin

"What" Camila asks with a mouthful of pizza earning a laugh from Lauren

"Here I got it" she says reaching over the table to wipe the other girls chin with a napkin

"Thanks Lolo" Camila replies with her mouth full again

"I like it when you call me nicknames in person compared to text" Lauren smiles

"Same here Lern Jergi" Camila smirks

"I take that back Karla" Lauren said squinting her eyes

"Take that back."

"Never." Lauren bantered

To this Camila did her famous puppy dog eyes and pouted

"Please" she pleaded

"Ugh Camz don't do that" Lauren whined closing her eyes

"Lo open your eyes, you can't hide from this" Camila giggled

"No I can't look at you when you're doing that"

"Come on...daddy"

Lauren's eyes went wide and a blush formed on her cheeks

"I knew that would get you to open your eyes!" Camila laughed

"Please don't ever call me that again." Lauren pleaded

"Why does someone have a daddy kink?" Camila raised her brow

"W-what no." Lauren stuttered as her cheeks grew redder

"Oh my god Lauren!" Camila burst out laughing not caring if the people around them were staring at her funny

"I don't I swear!" Lauren says trying to defend herself because really, she doesn't have a daddy kink but hearing Camila say it...

"Whatever you say Lo" Camila giggled


"I really like spending time with you" Camila admitted to the other girl as they were walking down the beach holding hands

"I like spending time with you too Camz" Lauren smiled at the other girl

"Today's been the best day ever." The younger girl sighed

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