Its been a while...

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Hi guys,

It's Jordan. I know you're all probably mad that I haven't updated in YEARS. But I want to explain my reasoning.

I started this account not only because I was a fan of Camren but because I was a fan of Fifth Harmony. And as all us fans know, in 2017 everything changed. The girls weren't the girls we all fell in love with at the beginning; they had grown up. And if I'm completely honest I started losing interest. Don't get me wrong, I still love them to this day. But the fandom became so problematic and I felt like I didn't even know the girls anymore.

When the breakup happened I wasn't surprised. I don't think any of us were. But since that day I have been trying to get back into loving he girls; as solo artists. However it's hard for me because I had been with them since 2012 and it's still hard for me that the girls are now their own things in a way. So I recently got this app again because I have been trying to remember the reasons I first fell in love with the girls.

And now that I've come back on here I'd like to share that I have some new stories that I never posted. They were rough drafts but I recently fell in love with the stories again and I'd like to continue them. I am extremely busy in life right now because I am going into my senior year, working a lot, and I am currently moving out of my parents house. But...I'd like a distraction. So please, let me know if you'd like me to not only continue my stories but post new ones.

Thank you,

And I'm sorry for the wait.


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