Chapter 12

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"When do you have to go home?" Lauren asked the girl who was currently in her arms as they watched the stars from the roof of her apartment building

"My mom said to bring me home by 10" Camila muttered as she turned in her girlfriend's arms to face her

"The stars are beautiful tonight" Lauren sighed as she looked into the other girls eyes

"I like the ones in your eyes better" the shorter girl mumbled causing the green eyed girl to blush

"Thank you" Lauren whispered as the two girls got lost in each other's eyes

"I love you" Camila stated

"I love you, so much Camz." Lauren said before leaning in and capturing the other girls lips in her own in a passionate, meaningful kiss


9:56 pm

"I had a great time tonight Lauren" Camila told her girlfriend who was currently walking her to her door

"I had an even better time than you though" Lauren countered

"Oh? And how is that" Camila asked

"I got to look at you all night. Nothing beats that." Lauren stated making the younger girl blush

Before the two girls could kiss good night, Sinu opened the door

"Lauren! Thank you for bringing Camila home, do you think you could come inside for a few minutes mija?" The older woman asked the green eyed girl

"Of course" Lauren replied, stepping into the house after Camila

"Karla go upstairs and get ready for bed, I want to talk to Lauren for a moment" Sinu practically demanded, making Lauren worry that she had done something wrong

"Okay mami, be nice." Camila warned, sending Lauren an apologetic glance before walking up the stairs leaving Lauren and her mother alone

The two Cubans walked to the living room, sitting on the couch

"So Lauren" Sinu started "don't be worried, I'm not going to get all scary on you. I just want to talk to you about Camila" she said allowing the younger girl to release the breath she had been holding in

"I want to know how things are between the two of you" the older woman continued talking "how far into the relationship are you?" And Lauren almost choked on air

"W-what" she stuttered

"We'll have you two-" Sinu calmly started before getting cut off by the younger girl

"No no no. We haven't done anything. I respect your daughter and I don't want our relationship to move too fast and for her to regret anything." She said honestly

"Good." Sinu stated "I like you Lauren, I can tell you care about my daughter. And Alejandro and I don't want to be grandparents too soon" she winked at Lauren

"Camila told you.." The green eyed girl started to panic

"Yes, and we are completely fine with it. Your body doesn't matter, it's your heart and mind that matter to us and you have a great mind and a big heart from what I can tell" the older Cuban stated, patting the younger girl on the back "so please don't worry, we just want the best for Camila and I'm afraid that if Alejandro had been the one to have this conversation he would have tried to scare you a bit" she laughed

"Well that's a relief" Lauren started "I thought you were going to tell me that I couldn't see your daughter anymore or something" she laughed nervously

"Oh god no. Camila would hate us if we did that. And we would like to keep you in the family longer, if you don't mind" Sinu replied with a chuckle

"I'd love that. I love your daughter and I plan to keep her mine for a long time." Lauren said honestly



Camzi the loml: are you okay? Did my mom scare you? What did she say?

Lern jergi: lol Camz it's okay she just wanted to know if we'd had sex yet

Camzi the loml: oh my god

Camzi the loml: please tell me you told her that we haven't done that yet

Lern jergi: well duh

Camzi the loml: thank Allysus

Lern jergi: that reminds me, is it just me or do you find it weird that we've both been friends with Ally for forever but she never told us about each other?

Camzi the loml: now that you say it, yeah it is weird

Lern jergi: why do you think she did that?

Camzi the loml: she was probably afraid that we'd get really close and forget about her

Lern jergi: we wouldn't do that though

Camzi the loml: well obviously

Lern jergi: we should do something with her. With all our friends together. I'll bring Normani, you bring Dinah

Camzi the loml: what would we do though?

Lern jergi: sleepover at my apartment?

Camzi the loml: that sounds perfect. When do you want it to be and when should we ask the girls

Lern jergi: how about we do it in two weeks on Friday, Mani and I can pick up you and Dinah from school and Ally can just drive herself

Lern jergi: make sure it's okay with your mom first though

Camzi the loml: okay, we can ask them tomorrow

Lern jergi: sounds like a plan


So that's my drawing of Lauren's eyes.

I've been really busy with school lately so I'm sorry I haven't been updating lately but I'm trying to do it more.

Also, do you guys like smut? Because I don't know if I should include it in this book or not

- Jordan

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