Chapter 11

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Monday 10:45 am

Camzi the loml: Babeeeee

Camzi the loml: Lern

Camzi the loml: I'm so boreddd

Camzi the loml: and I miss you

20 minutes later

Lern jergi: Camz stop texting me while you're in school you need to pay attention

Camzi the loml: yes mom

Lern jergi: pls don't call me that, it's awkward

Camzi the loml: ok daddy

Lern jergi: Bruh.

5:23 pm

Lern jergi: camz

Lern jergi: I miss you

Lern jergi: especially your voice

Lern jergi: and your smile

Lern jergi: and you eyes

Lern jergi: but I really really miss your lips.

Camzi the loml: I miss you too, everything about you

Lern jergi: can we go out again

Camzi the loml: of course, how's Wednesday work?

Lern jergi: it's perfect. I'll pick you up from school?

Camzi the loml: it's a date.

Lern jergi: I don't think you understand how happy it makes me that you just said that

Camzi the loml: I'm pretty sure that it makes me even happier to be able to say it

Lern jergi: you know what I like saying even more?

Camzi the loml: what

Lern jergi: that you're mine.

Camzi the loml: well you're gonna be saying it for a while so I'm glad you like it <3

Lern jergi: don't be getting sassy on me while I'm trying to be cute

Camzi the loml: you mad bro?


Wednesday after school

*school bell noise*

Lauren waited on the stairs near the exit of Camila's school searching through the crowds of students exiting the building for her girlfriend. Eventually she saw the short brunette come stumbling from the building, Lauren knew she was going to trip and fall on her face like normal so she ran towards her and pulled the shorter girl into her slightly taller frame.

"Hey there cutie, don't want you falling on your face" Lauren chuckled as she wrapped her arms around the younger girl

"I wasn't going to fall" Camila pouted but Lauren couldn't see it because she was still holding her

"Whatever you say Camz" she laughed and started to loosen her grip on the younger girl so she only had one arm around her shoulders as they walked to Lauren's car

The two walked in silence until they got to the car and Lauren ran in front of Camila to open her door for her

"Thanks" the younger girl blushed

"Anything for you" Lauren muttered as she ran to the drivers side

"So what are we doing?" Camila asked as the older girl buckled herself in

"Well I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to go to my apartment?" Lauren asked cautiously "I was thinking that we could bake a bunch of desserts together and then I could make dinner for us if you want"

"That sounds perfect Lo" Camila said as she lent in and planted a gentle kiss on Lauren's lips

"I will never get used to your kiss" Lauren whispered

"You better not" Camila joked as she kissed her girlfriend again


"AM I IN LOVE WITH YOU OR AM I IN LOVEEE WITH THE FEELINGG" both girl sang at the top of their lungs as they danced around Lauren's kitchen waiting for the cookies to be done

"I need to pee, Lo keep an eye on the cookies!" Camila yelled over the music as she ran to the bathroom

Lauren waited, knowing that she didn't tell the younger girl where the bathroom was in her apartment yet.

"Lo can you-" she stopped as soon as she saw the smirk on her girlfriends lips "please show me where the bathroom is"

"It's right there" Lauren laughed pointing to the hallway between her room and the guest room "last door on the right"

"Thank you!" Camila yelled as she ran into the bathroom

"Oh shit the cookies" Lauren panicked when she heard the timer go off and ran to the oven, pulling out the sheet of cookies

Not a minute later Camila came back from the bathroom and wrapped her arms around Lauren from behind

"I like this" Camila muttered, practically having a mouthful of Lauren's shoulder

"Me too" Lauren sighed

"We should do this more often" Camila said

"Now we sound like a married couple" Lauren said making a disgusted face as she turned around in Camila's arms and wrapped her in her own

"What's so bad about that?" The younger girl asked, getting lost in Lauren's eyes

"Absolutely nothing." Lauren stated as she leaned in to kiss her girlfriend

Their lips moving in sync, Camila deepened the kiss her tongue invading Lauren's mouth

Lauren enjoyed the younger girl being in charge, but she preferred to be the one in control so she started to walk towards the couch, leading the other girl backwards and praying that she wouldn't trip

The shorter girls knees hit the back of the couch so she sat back, eventually laying down on her back with Lauren on top of her

This has happened a few times while Camila's been at her apartment that day, they never went further but they sure did enjoy making out.

They stayed in that position, with Camila's hands daring to wander to Lauren's butt, giving it grab.

Lauren decided that if Camila could start to be courageous then so could she. She started to move her hands up from the younger girls waist and pushed her shirt up a bit to show off her toned stomach. Tracing the defined abs with her finger tips, gaining a moan from the girl below her. The sound made Lauren's pants grow tighter so she stopped what they were doing before anything could happen

"You are such a good kisser" Camila panted




Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't been active in a while, I've been really tired lately. You know how it is in high school.

Anyways I drew a picture of Lauren's eyes today, do you guys wanna see it?

- Jordan

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