Chapter 23

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Warning: this chapter is mostly smut, so get ready

The next morning

Lauren woke before her girlfriend at 8am, she basically had an internal alarm since she had been going to school for so long

As she rolled on her side she remembered her girlfriends words from the night before

"Wake me up early tomorrow"

The green eyed girl smirked and straddled the back of her girlfriends thighs

"Baby" Lauren mumbled against Camila's clothed back as she placed kisses on her shoulder blades

"Mm?" Camila mumbled into the pillow beneath her head

"It's morning!" Lauren smirked happily and started smacking her girlfriends butt lightly causing her to giggle

Camila rolled over and squinted her eyes at the girl above her.

"God you're like a child when it comes to sex" she chuckled

Lauren pouted at the girl beneath her as she rolled them over, Camila ending up on top

"Or like a child in general" she mumbled as she watched her girlfriends eyes light up while she peeled her shirt off leaving her in just her underwear

"You're so beautiful" Lauren whispered as she reached up to play with Camila's boobs

"As are you" Camila moaned, starting to grind her center against Lauren "and apparently eager as well" she laughed when she felt Lauren instantly harden beneath her

"Can't blame me" Lauren chuckled, leaning up to kiss her girlfriend

They fought for dominance with their mouths until Lauren let Camila take over for once

Smirking, the younger girl separated their lips, leaning back while she peeled the girl beneath hers shirt off  leaving her in just a pair of boxers

"You know I've been wanting to do this for a while now" Camila commented, standing up and taking her underwear off quickly.

"Oh really now?" Lauren questioned as she watched Camila reach for the waistband of her boxers and pull them down her legs and onto the floor

"Yup" Camila stated, crawling her way back into Lauren "and I think I like it"

"Eh I don't mind" Lauren stated

The brown eyed girl leaned down and connected her lips with her girlfriends again in a heated kiss. Lauren reached between them and flicked the young girls clit

"Shit" Camila bucked her hips "do that again"

"My pleasure" Lauren replied before swiping her fingers over the girls clit over and over again, gathering wetness along the way.

"Fuck Camz it's already 8:45" Lauren groaned

Camila mumbled some incoherent words as Lauren sped up the movements of her fingers and eventually grabbed her hand to stop

Camila quickly reached over to the other girls nightstand and grabbed a condom from the box, peeling it open. Just to be careful, she held it up to the light and checked for holes since she ripped the package carelessly, before slipping it on the girls hard member

"I love you" Camila moaned as she rubbed the hard appendage against her soaking heat to gather wetness

"I love you too" Lauren sighed when she was suddenly engulfed in wet heat

Camila moaned from being filled so well, god she was so lucky that Lauren was so big, not that it mattered but it definitely was a plus.

She started bouncing up and down on Lauren's dick, going high enough up to only have the tip in just to go right back down

"God I love your dick" she moaned

"My dick loves you too?" Lauren questioned

The young girl whimpered when she felt Lauren hit her g spot and did exactly what she previously had done so with every thrust she felt immense pleasure

"Holy fucking hell this feels so good" Camila sighed, picking up her pace

Lauren watched, mesmerized by her girlfriend. Her hair was messy from just waking up, her eyes squeezed tight and her mouth slightly parted, tits bouncing with every thrust downward. Lauren really was the luckiest person in the world.

Camila reached between then and started to rub her clit, not even holding back her moans

This frustrated Lauren, she loved seeing Camila on top of her but it was boring not doing anything. So she moved Camila's hand away and replaced it with her own, rubbing even faster and harder than the younger girl

"Ohmygodimgonnacum" Camila moaned, her pussy tightening around Lauren

But she didn't cum.

Sensing the girls frustration, Lauren held Camila's hips in place and started thrusting upwards, pounding into the girl, hitting her g spot with every thrust while flicking her clit

The young girl moaned louder than ever and she had the sudden urge to pee

"Lo- I think I'm gonna pee, stop" she stated

"Shh just let it go, it's not pee" Lauren mumbled, having more experience than the girl above her

So Camila let go, and literally saw stars.

While she saw stars, Lauren saw the most erotic scene play out above her.

Camila had her bottom lip between her teeth, her eyebrows furrowed, and she froze. Suddenly she lifted off Lauren's dick and squirted all over the green eyed girls stomach causing her to release into the condom

After a few minutes Lauren finally regained her breath and spoke up

"Holy shit Camz" she commented

"That felt so good" Camila mumbled

"That looked so good. Do you think you can do it again?" Lauren asked hopefully
9:57 am

"SOFIIII" Camila shouted as soon as she walked in her house

"KAKIII" the younger girl shouted back


She heard the sound of little feet running through the house before she saw her little sister stop in from of her and the older girl

"Hi" Sofi greeted

"Hey there little one" Camila replied while Lauren picked Sofi up and say her on her shoulder

"So Lion King?" Lauren suggested, watching both girls eyes light up at the name of one of their favorite movies



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Plus here's a drawing of Lauren I drew, made me think of that quote Camila reblogged on tumblr

"I kissed a girl
Wearing a cross
Around her neck
Her lips didn't taste
Like church
But her hips
Felt like god
I wonder what
Her pastor would
Have thought
I wonder if that
Cross around her neck
Meant more to me
Than it does
To her"

- Jordan

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