Chapter 6

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Lern jergi: Camz do you have an ig

Camzi the loml: duh

Lern jergi: f4f?

Camzi the loml: 🖕🏻

Lern jergi: okay that was a little harsh.

Camzi the loml: sorry Lolo. Of course I'll follow you, what's your username

Lern jergi: Laurenjauregui

Camzi the loml: how creative😒

Lern jergi: what's yours?

Camzi the loml: camila_cabello

Lern jergi: and you call me out for creativity smh✋🏻

Camzi the loml: whatever. Like my selfie and I'll love you forever❤️

Lern jergi: babe don't do that to me😩

Camzi the loml: don't do what?

Lern jergi: say that you'll love me forever. Everyone knows that nothing lasts forever

Camzi the loml: "forever isn't long at all when I'm with you"

Lern jergi: Winnie the Pooh? Really Camz😂

Camzi the loml: it's my favorite quote

Lern jergi: I love that quote. It's reminds me of you

Camzi the loml: ily

Lern jergi: and now we're back in 6th grade

Camzi the loml: I love you

Lern jergi: ily2

Camzi the loml: 🖕🏻


"Dinah I think I'm in love with Lauren." Camila blurted to her best friend while they were hanging out after school

"Wait what" Dinah said after a minute, finally realizing what the girl next to her said

"I'm in love with Lauren." Camila finally said out loud

"THE SHIP HAS SAILED" Dinah shouted causing Camila to fall off the bed and onto the floor

"Dinah what the hell?" Camila said rubbing her butt, trying to sooth the pain from the fall

"Camren. Has. Sailed." Dinah whisper shouted with a straight face

"Oh my god" Camila let out in a breath before breaking out laughing

"Seriously Walz, I'm happy for you." Dinah said patting her back

"You are?" Camila questioned

"Of course. You've never really liked anyone before and you ve never even met this girl and you love her. To fall for someone you've never met is something amazing." Dinah said making Camila tear up a bit

"Cheechee I really want to meet her." Camila admitted

"I know. And you will one day." She said pulling Camila into a hug

"I wish she was the one holding me and not you" Camila pouted

"The nerve."


Camzi the loml: Lo when are we gonna meet?

Lern jergi: when do you want to?

Camzi the loml: idk there's a part of me that would meet you right now if I could but there's another part of me that is scared to meet you

Lern jergi: why would you be scared to meet me?

Camzi the loml: what if you don't like me? What if when you meet me I'm totally different and you realize that you only liked me through the phone?

Lern jergi: that won't happen.

Camzi the loml: how do you know that?

Lern jergi: because I love you. I really really love you Camila.

Camzi the loml: I love you so much Lauren, more than you'll ever know.

Lern jergi: I love you. More than I have ever loved anyone.

Camzi the loml: how do you know?

Lern jergi: because you make me feel things that I've never felt before. I get butterflies every time your name pops up on my phone, every time I see a picture of you my heart skips a beat, I dream of what it's like to hold you or what your lips feel like against mine and I've never done that with anyone else. I love you. With all my heart.

Camzi the loml: brb prying

Lern jergi: wtf is prying

Camzi the loml: intense crying due to being overly excited

Lern jergi: God I am so in love with you

Camzi the loml: I think I might be in love with you too.

Lern jergi: think?

Camzi the loml: I've never felt the things I do for you. Every time I think of you I can't help but smile, I dream of you holding me too and what it would feel like to kiss you. I get butterflies every time I see your name or a picture of you. And I can't help but to think that maybe I'm falling for you too.

Lern jergi: Camz do you think we could meet?

Camzi the loml: we've already talked about this, I can't wait to meet you.

Lern jergi: I know but I mean soon. Like this weekend.

Camzi the loml: Lauren you do know that it's Friday right?

Lern jergi: obviously

Camzi the loml: you really want to meet like tomorrow..?

Lern jergi: I can't wait another day to have you in my arms.

Camzi the loml: well then I guess you don't have to.



So they're finally going to meet! Yay Camren

This is officially going to be a Lauren g!p btw.

I'm sorry if you don't like g!p but I honestly really like Lauren g!p stories. It won't be needed until later on in the story, like maybe in a few chapters but I still think it's important to the story so you guys won't just be like "wait she has a dick whatttt"

- Jordan

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