Chapter 10

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Friday, 1:37

Lern jergi: Camz, will you go on a date with me?

Lern jergi: I know you're in school and it's really bad to ask through text but like I can't wait till you get out of school to ask

Lern jergi: we can go to the aquarium, or the zoo, or a museum or we could just sit in a field at the park and have a picnic

Lern jergi: please


Camzi the loml: I'd love to go out with you Lo.

Camzi the loml: let's have a picnic

Lern jergi: pick you up at 6:30?

Camzi the loml: can't wait <3



"Shit I'm 3 minutes early" the green eyed girl muttered as she looked at the time on her phone

"Really hope she doesn't mind.." She thought as she got out of her car and walked to the front door of her hopefully soon to be girlfriend's house

*doorbell noise*

An older woman answered the door, most likely Camila's mother

"You must be Lauren" the woman smiled as she gave Lauren a warm smile

"Yes, and you must be Camila's mother. It's a pleasure to meet you" the younger girl said bringing the hand that wasn't behind her back up to shake the older woman's hand

"Oh no no no" she chuckled bringing the young girl into a hug "there's no need to be formal mija" she said causing Lauren to release a breath of air she had been holding in

"Is Camila home?" She asked

"Of course, she hasn't stopped talking about how excited she is for your date tonight" Camila's mother said "oh by the way I'm Sinu" she said realizing she never told the girl what her name was

"Mami does this look-" Camila started, not finishing when she locked eyes with the green eyed girl

"Lauren's here" Sinu said before she ran out of the room "have fun!" She yelled from the other room

"You look beautiful" Lauren said, walking over to the younger girl

"Thank you" she blushed

"I got you these" Lauren said finally pulling out the bouquet of flowers from behind her back

"Lo if you keep buying me flowers as much as you do I'm going to have every type of flower possible in the next year" Camila joked

"I guess I'll have to find something different to buy you then"

"Buy me food" she joked again

"I'll think about it"


"How is it that every second I spend with you is perfect?" Camila asked the girl who was currently holding her

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