Chapter 22

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New Year's Eve 1:12 pm

Lern jergi: hey baby

Camzi the loml: hi Lolo

Lern jergi: so it's New Year's Eve...

Camzi the loml: are you doing anything?

Lern jergi: well I have to finish a painting for my website

Camzi the loml: okay, well after?

Lern jergi: well I WAS hoping that my very beautiful girlfriend would go out to dinner with me but she might be busy

Camzi the loml: I'm not doing anything Lo

Lern jergi: I was talking about Mani but good to know

Camzi the loml: Mani can fucking fight me. You're mine.

Lern jergi: okayyyy it was just a joke but

Lern jergi: good to know because you're mine too and anyone who thinks different can fight me

Camzi the loml: ily

Lern jergi: you know how much I hate that

Lern jergi: but I love you too


4:13 pm

Lern jergi: so can I take my girlfriend out to dinner tonight?

Camzi the loml: idk maybe you should ask her

Camzi the loml: jk I'd love to go to dinner with you


Camzi the loml: Lo have you ever had a New Years kiss?

Lern jergi: yeah but I was drunk

Camzi the loml: I really want a New Years kiss

Camzi the loml: *cough* hint hint *cough*

Lern jergi: lol Camz ill pick you up in an hour, dress comfy


An hour later

*doorbell noise*

Camila opened her door to see her beautiful girlfriend smiling at her

The green eyed girl was dressed casually wearing her The 1975 tee with a black and red flannel over it, black ripped skinny jeans, her favorite boots and her hair was in its natural waves

"Happy New Year's Eve beautiful" she mumbled against the young girls lips

"Happy New Years babe" smiles smiled

Lauren motioned for the younger girl to close her eyes before pulling out a single rose that was tucked in the waistband of her jeans and under her flannel

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