Chapter 20

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Christmas Day 7:28 am

Lern jergi: Merry Christmas baby, I hope you're as happy today as I am every second that I'm with you. I love you.



Camzi the loml: omg

Camzi the loml: I love you so much

Camzi the loml: Merry Christmas babe

Camzi the loml: however it's not possible for me to be that happy without you.


"Whatcha smiling at Lauren?" Taylor teased the older girl in front of her family

"20 BUCKS SAYS CAMILA" Mike shouted from the kitchen causing Lauren to blush

Lauren told her family about the younger girl when they first started talking so it's no surprise that they're teasing her

"C'mon that's not fair" Chris groaned causing the whole family to laugh "we all know it's her and none of us want to pay 20 bucks"

"Guys that's enough teasing" Clara stated making the laughter stop

"Thanks mom" Lauren muttered

The Jauregui's do this every year as tradition, spend Christmas together and playfully banter the whole time while eating various foods ranging from Cuban to American

However this was the first year Lauren had told the family about a girlfriend as none of the ones from before mattered enough to talk about

The green eyed girl pulled out her phone to finally answer her girlfriend

Lern jergi: my family got us a present we have to open together

Lern jergi: I'm scared, it's probably something really weird

She quickly received an answer from the younger girl

Camzi the loml: that's okay, tell them I say thank you and Merry Christmas

"Guys" Lauren shouted causing all of the commotion in the house to stop "Camila said Merry Christmas"

"HA SOMEONE PAY UP" Mike shouted


Lern jergi: my dad was betting on us and my sister says Merry Christmas and that she wants to meet you

Camzi the loml: aw I want to meet her too, we should all go shopping one day or something

Camzi the loml: whys your dad betting on us though

Lern jergi: they were all betting that you were the reason I was smiling so much

Camzi the loml: I love being the reason you smile

Lern jergi: you've been the reason since the first day we started talking.


"Kaki I made you something" Sofi whispered to her older sister "but mami and papi don't know about it"

Camila smiled at her younger sister, so grateful for her and how sweet she is

"I got you something too that's secret" she whispered back. It wasn't really a secret but she loved how excited the young girl gets when she mentions secrets

Sofi's eyes went wide at this and she grabbed her older sister by the hand and practically dragged her up the stairs to her room

The young girl motioned for Camila to cover her eyes

Doing as told, the brown eyed girl put her hands over her eyes and say on the bed.

After searching all around the room Sofi finally pushed Camila's hands out of her face and lifted a piece of paper into her view

"I drew a picture of you and Lolo" she smiled

The drawing was actually pretty amazing for the young girls age, in fact it was much better than Camila could do at her current age.

It showed a tall pale girl with dark black hair and green eyes holding hands with a smaller brunette with brown eyes. Lauren was wearing light blue jeans and a black shirt, her skin wasn't colored in so it was as white as paper, and she had a big smile on her face. Next to her Camila was wearing a black skirt with a white shirt and a red bow in her hair, her skin a light tan.

"Sofi I love it" Camila stated, tears forming in her eyes as she hugged her little sister

"Do you think Lolo will like it?" Sofi asked curiously

"She'll love it no doubt about it." She mumbled against her sisters hair, not letting her out of her hold just yet


Camzi the loml: Sofi drew us a picture and I'm crying oh my god it's beautiful. I love her so much.

Lern jergi: awe I can't wait to see it

Camzi the loml: I can send you a picture..?

Lern jergi: no no I want to see it in person

Camzi the loml: okay, I'll bring that when we open your family's gift

Lern jergi: do you think your fam will let me steal you for the night again

Camzi the loml: idk if I'd want to go anymore since you said fam

Lern jergi: whatever, I'll text your mom myself

Camzi the loml: when did you get my moms number???

Lern jergi: when I dropped the dress off at your house that day

Camzi the loml: oh okay then.


8:37 pm

Lern jergi: your mom said you can come over tonight ;)




It really doesn't feel like Christmas today thought bc like where's the snow???

What'd you guys get for Christmas?

- Jordan

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