Chapter 14

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Sunday 9:37 am

Camila groaned as she was woken up by the sound of her phone going off telling her she had received a text message

However she couldn't help but smile as she read the message

Lern jergi: Sunday fun day, get your beautiful ass up and ready to go out to breakfast with me. I'll be over in 30 minutes

God her girlfriend was so cute. 'Sunday fun day' she couldn't help but giggle at the childish comment

She looked at the clock 9:41
Lauren is going to be at her house in a little over 20 minutes and she hasn't even showered yet.

Quickly scrambling to her feet. The brown eyed girl ran into the bathroom that was connected to her room and jumped in the shower

15 minutes later, Camila jumped out of the shower only to realize that she forgot to grab a towel

'Shit' she thought as she ran back into her room towel less

"Shit shit shit" she muttered, feeling the cold air hit her body, grabbing a towel and wrapping herself in it

The young girl rushed around grabbing her outfit for her unexpected day with Lauren

She dressed in a white crop top, ripped black skinny jeans and white converse with bananas on them. She kept her hair it's natural wavy style due to the fact that she had no time to do anything else.

Not a minute after she finished getting ready, the doorbell rang. Thankfully Camila's parents had brought Sofi to a birthday party for one of her classmates so no one else was home but her.

The young girl ran down the stairs, almost tripping a few times in the process, opening the door breathless

"Well I would say that you took my breath away with your beauty but I guess you took your own as well" Lauren joked, pecking her girlfriends lips

"Shut...up.." Camila said between breaths

"Make me" Lauren joked again

"Someone's in a really good mood today" the brown eyed girl pointed out "first Sunday fun day and now sexual innuendos. What has gotten into you Jauregui?"

"The wonderful holiday spirit, that's what's gotten into me" Lauren smiled "Christmas is in 2 weeks!"

"I know Lauren, I know" Camila giggled. She loved this side of her girlfriend, the cute, adorable, giggly side.

"C'mon babe, I'm hungry and iHop has this holiday pancake special that's starting this week" Lauren explained

"I love pancakes" Camila commented

"I know and I was thinking we could start off the day with pancakes and then we could go back to my apartment and put up the tree together..." Lauren rambled


"These are so good" Lauren practically moaned when she tasted her pumpkin pancakes

"Mine are really good too" Camila giggled at her girlfriends comment

"Thank you for coming out with me" the green eyed girl muttered with a mouthful of pancakes

"You know I love going out with you Lo" Camila sighed "I still don't know how you have all the money to take me out all the time though" she joked

"I do have a job ya know" Lauren said sarcastically

"Really?" Camila faked being shocked "I had no idea"

"Yeah, I have a couple actually" she stated "I write articles for my schools website, sell paintings online and design band tees that I sell on the same website"

"Holy shit" Camila's jaw dropped "why didn't you tell me that"

"Didn't think it really mattered" Lauren shrugged "I still got money to spoil my girl, and time to spend it with her"

"Awe babe that's so sweet" Camila gushed

"Who said I was talking about you?" Lauren joked

"Because if you weren't, I'd cut your dick off" the younger girl smiles innocently and continued eating her pancakes

Lauren choked on her food

"You'd what!?" She coughed out

"I'm just kidding Lauren" Camila chuckled "however my dad would most likely beat the shit out of you"

"I'm okay with that" Lauren shrugged

"Good"Camila smiled, grabbing her girlfriends hand across the table "now I wanna see these paintings and t shirts you design okay?"

"Okay" Lauren smiled


"A little higher Lo" Camila muttered to her girlfriend who was currently holding her up on her shoulders

"Camz I can't go any higher, you're gonna have to lean up and trust me to hold onto you" she grunted, just wishing the girl would put the star on the tree and get it over with

It's not that Camila was heavy by any means, but having Camila that close to her face. It was torture.

The poor girl was already brimming the edge of sexual frustration and she could feel the heat between Camila's legs from their make out session that had occurred a few minutes before

Camila leaned forward, now fully pressed against Lauren's neck, her legs draped along Lauren's front

"All done" she said, placing the star on the top of the tree

"It's perfect" Lauren stated, kneeling on the ground for Camila to jump off her shoulders "Just like you" the brown eyed girl stuck her tongue out



So today in graphics the assignment was to make our favorite celebrity into a zombie, and so that meant I made Lauren into a zombie.

And well

I never knew a zombie could be so adorably hot.

Like holy shit.

- Jordan

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