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Friday 1:14pm

Lern jergi: Camz

Lern jergi: baby

Camzi the loml: Lauren I'm at school

Lern jergi: I know

Lern jergi: can I pick you up after, I have big news to tell you

Camzi the loml: okay


Camila looked at her girlfriend, they were sitting on the couch in Lauren's apartment. She was smiling, like way more than normal.

"So what did you need to tell me?" Camila asked, furrowing her eyebrows

Lauren smiled even more, if possible

"You remember how I told you that I sell my paintings online?" The young girl nodded "well someone bought one today, for a lot of money."

"Isn't that normal?" Camila wondered "like that's great and all, you deserve it. Your work is amazing and I'm so proud of you."

"Thank you" the green eyed girl blushed "and yeah it's normal that they go for a lot, but not this much."

"How much was it?" Camila furrowed her eyebrows

"Twenty thousand." Lauren stated causing the brown eyed girls jaw to drop

"Holy shit." Camila mumbled

"I know right. I put it up a few weeks ago and apparently some high bidders were on  the last couple of nights, since I hadn't checked the website since I put up the painting, I didn't know that this huge bid war was going on" Lauren laughed

"What was the painting of?" Her girlfriend questioned


Camila blinked a few times

"Wait what" she asked "when did you make another painting of me? And why are people paying twenty thousand dollars for it!?"

"It's not just you" Lauren explained "you can't really tell who it is, it's just based off of you"

"Oh" Camila sighed, she was kind of glad it wasn't really her because she found it kind of weird that someone would buy a painting of her face

"Well it is you, just not your face" Lauren explained

Camila's eyes went wide

"Lauren what part of me did you paint exactly?" She glared at her girlfriend

The green eyed girl blushed and quickly went to explain herself further

"No not anything like that" she quickly commented "I'll just show you"

Lauren got up and went into the guest room of her apartment returning with a large canvas covered by a cloth. When she placed it properly, she tore off the cloth showing the painting

It was beautiful.

It showed a girl facing away from the viewers eyes, she was naked, but the painting cut off at her hips. She had long brown wavy hair just like Camila, and butterfly wings coming from her back with her arms against her sides

The young girl didn't know what to say. Her girlfriend had a painted a picture of her, with butterfly wings, just like the ones she as her sister wore while they played princess

"Lauren.." She started

"You don't have to say anything" Lauren explained "I was just inspired when we were at your house and you were playing with Sofi and put those wings on. It was like they were made for you."

Camila teared up, she had always loved the idea of butterfly wings because to her, a butterfly was free. And she dreamed of being free, away from school, away from the priorities of life.

"I love you." She whispered

"I love you too" Lauren smiled and hugged the younger girl

"I still can't believe someone payed twenty thousand dollars for that though, that's a lot o money" Camila breathed out


Camzi the loml: Lolo

Lern jergi: yes?

Camzi the loml: my birthdays next month

Lern jergi: I know..

Camzi the loml: well I was wondering

Camzi the loml: can we go away for it?

Camzi the loml: like to a beach house for a night, I'll pay for half of you pay for the other half

Lern jergi: okay, that sounds fun

Camzi the loml: okay :)



I'm sorry it's a short chapter but I want this story to end before chapter 40 but I want it to move fast like a month or more passing by in the book between each chapter

Plus, I also wanted to know if you guys would read a group chat if I wrote it?

I really like group chat stories and I feel like there should be more out there

Let me know

- Jordan

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