How it all started

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Unknown number: hey is this Sarah?

987-654-4321: no this is Patrick.

987-654-4321: jk I'm Camila

Unknown number: shit. I'm sorry, this girl gave me her number by writing it on my hand and I smudged it and must've gotten the numbers wrong

Camila: lol it's fine, but since I told you my name it's only fair you give me yours

Unknown number: Lauren, my name is Lauren

Camila: ahh Lauren, much better than 'unknown number'

Lauren: I bet I look better than an unknown number too

Lauren: wait no that wasn't good never mind

Camila: haha it's ok, I thought it was cute

Camila: like you..

Lauren: you're shy...I like it

Camila: I'm not shy, it's just awkward talking to a stranger

Lauren: then let's change that

Camila: you can't change being awkward around strangers

Lauren: no, but we can change us being strangers.

Lauren: Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm 19 years old, just started college where I major in art, my favorite color is blue, my best friends' names are Normani and Ally, I hate the color orange, I want to have 2 kids when I'm older; a boy and a girl, I want to be a photographer, and I'm really really gay.

Camila: well nice to meet you Lauren, I'm Karla but everyone calls me by my middle name Camila and I'm 18. My favorite color is yellow, I love singing but I can't dance for my life because I'm the clumsiest person in the world, my best friends name is Dinah, I want to be a famous singer when I'm older, I also want to have 2 kids same as you boy and girl, I have brown eyes and I love bananas.

Lauren: well now we're not strangers ;)

Camila: that's true but I still don't know what you look like

Lauren: *sends picture*

Camila: oh

Camila: my

Camila: god

Camila: are your eyes real..?

Lauren: haha of course they are, that'd be weird if they weren't O.o

Lauren: now you have to send me a picture so I know what you look like

Camila: *sends picture*

Lauren: *dies in Spanish*

Lauren: you're beautiful Camz

Lauren: can I call you Camz?

Camila: yeah, it's different. I like it

Lauren: I like you

Camz🍌: we don't even know each other that well, you can't like me

Lauren: well then I am VERY fond of you Camz

Camz🍌: oh well that's the first...

Lauren: what do you mean?

Camz🍌: nobody's ever liked me or even been 'very fond' of me before

Lauren: what. How is that possible, you're like the most gorgeous girl ever

Camz🍌: at my school I'm like the biggest nerd ever...

Lauren: well it's their loss that they don't get to be close with a beautiful girl like you. And I am so glad that I screwed up that number and found you.

Camz🍌: thanks Lo😳

Lauren: Lo? That's cute, I like it

Lo🙈: ...not as much as I like you tho

Camz🍌: as much as I want to keep talking to you, I have school tomorrow and I really need to get some sleep..

Lo🙈: same, but can we talk tomorrow? I want to get to know you more, if that's ok with you

Camz🍌: I'd love that, goodnight Lolo

Lolo🙈: good night Camz


Lauren's pov

Would it be a bad thing to say that I am so happy I got the wrong phone number? Because I honestly like Camila more than anyone I have ever liked before and I've never even met her.

It's just...she's so beautiful, inside and out. I wish that she could see herself the way I see her, I don't even know her very well but she's still so perfect to me and I want to be the one in her life that shows her just how perfect she is. I want to get to know her better. I need to get to know her.

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