Chapter 25

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Graduation day

"Are you excited?" Lauren asked her girlfriend as she stood behind her in front of the mirror

"Nervous" Camila corrected her

Lauren smiled softly and wrapped her arms around the younger girls waist from behind, pulling her into her embrace

"Don't be, you'll be fine." She reassured her

"What if I trip?" Camila questioned nervously

"Well you'll probably never see your classmates again so what's it matter?" Lauren added

The young girl sighed and leaned into her girlfriends touch

"You look beautiful" the green eyed girl whispered, staring down at the girl in her arms as she looked at her in her graduation gown

"Thank you" Camila smiled

"Come on, let's get going" Lauren commented, grabbing the younger girls hand and descending down the stairs to head out with her parents


"Camila Cabello" the woman at the podium announced, calling Camila up for her certificate

The young girl stood from her seat nervously and looked back to meet Lauren's eyes before walking up the stairs to the stage

She some how managed to make all 5 stairs and across the stage without tripping once, Lauren was proud.

The green eyed girl teared up, more than Camila's parents actually, as she watched her girlfriend.

"Lolo" Sofi whispered as she tugged on Lauren's shirt to get her attention

"What's up nugget?" Lauren smiled at the youngest Cabello

Sofi crawled onto her lap and moved to whisper in her ear, it was the only way she would be able to talk to the girl during the ceremony

"Is Kaki moving out now?" She questioned

Lauren's eyebrows furrowed in confusion

"Why would you think that?" She asked

"Because she's done with high school now, is she going to live with you?"

"I don't know" Lauren answered truthfully "that's up to her"

"I wouldn't mind if she did" Sofi joked "she can be real annoying"

Lauren giggled and smiled at the young girl, she had the same humor as her sister

"You'd miss her though" she commented

"Yeah" Sofi sighed "but I'd still see you guys right?"

"Of course, any time you wanted" Lauren smiled "but that's not happening just yet so don't worry"


"I'm so proud of you Mija" Sinu commented once the young girl had walked up to her after the ceremony

"Thank you mami" Camila smiled, hugging her mom

Lauren stood there awkwardly as the Cabello family joined into a group hug

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