I think I like her

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No ones pov


Camila didn't even get the chance to take off her back pack before Dinah pounced on her demanding answers about the mystery person she was texting at lunch earlier that day.

"Jeez Cheech you think you can calm down a bit? I promise I will tell you everything but you have to calm down and please don't judge me.."

"I promise." Dinah said groaning

"Thank you. Now give me one minute because I seriously need to pee. I'll meet you in my room" Camila said running up the stairs


"I SHIP IT" Dinah exclaimed loudly as Camila finished telling her all about Lauren

"Really?" Camila said with wide eyes and a face eating grin

"Well duh Chanch, she's hot, you're hot. Make little Camren babies." She said with a straight face

"What the hell is a Camren baby?"

"Yours and Lauren's child."

"What the fuck. Where did you come up with that?"

"It just came to me, you know like you with Lauren" Dinah said smirking at Camila

When she said this Camila's jaw dropped and she hit Dinah on the arm

"I guess someone likes it a little rough" Dinah muttered under her breath as she rubbed her arm

To this Camila winked and picked her phone up realizing she hasn't checked it since school ended. She picked it up and saw 4 missed texts from Lauren

Lolo🙈: hey cutie how was school?

Lolo🙈: or not...

Lolo🙈: did I do something wrong???

Lolo🙈: are you okay?

'Awe she was worrying about me that's so cute, but I should probably get back to her now..' Camila thought as she read the texts

Dinah watched Camila closely every second that she was on her phone reading her facial expressions. She had the biggest grin on her face the whole time her eyes were on the screen.

"YOURE WHIPPED" Dinah screamed out like a school girl causing Camila to jump and grab her chest

"My god Dinah you scared the crap out of me!" Camila said trying to catch her breath


"I am not whipped." Camila said back with a straight face

"You know you're face may be straight right now, but when it comes to Lauren straight is the last thing you'll ever be." Dinah said getting up and grabbing her bag

"Wait are you leaving?" Camila said with a blush from Dinah's last comment

"Yeah I got to go, it's like 6 and I need to be home for dinner so see ya Chanch" Dinah said giving Camila a peace sign before she walked out of her door

"I am not whipped." Camila huffed when she heard the door shut

*buzz* *buzz*

quickly grabbing her phone Camila hoped to see Lauren's name on her screen but that's not who was texting her

Cheechee: whipped.

"I don't even know why I'm friends with her" Camila said laughing as she locked her phone again and got out her homework


*buzz* *buzz*

Lolo🙈: Camz babe stop doing your homework and talk to me. I miss you

Camz🍑: babe huh? That's a new one 😏

Lolo🙈: shit I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that. I won't do it again

Camz🍑: no Lo it's fine, I like it.

Lolo🙈: ok good because I don't wanna stop calling you babe...

Camz🍑: then don't.

Lolo🙈: I won't.

Lolo🙈: but there is something else that I might call you in the future...

Camz🍑: and what would that be?;)

Lolo🙈: mine.

Lolo🙈: only if I'm lucky though

Camz🍑: if you keep talking like this, you just might be...

Lolo🙈: I can talk to you any way you want baby girl ;)

Camz🍑: 😂😂😂😂

Camz🍑: little too soon for sexting Lo

Lolo🙈: when will it not be too soon? Because I can't wait for that day tbh

Camz🍑: maybe after a few dates..

Lolo🙈: that can be arranged ;)

'Shit. I like her. I like her a lot.' Camila thought to herself as she was texting Lauren

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